3 Essential Elements of a HOT Niche Market

Here‘s the very first lesson of this report: To be profitable, a niche market must meet three requirements. The stronger these elements are, the hotter the niche is:

  • High Demand
    The more people are actively looking for information that your niche is catering to, the more visitors you can attract on your website. Thus, the chance of your visitors clicking an ad or buying your product is higher.
  • Low Supply
    The less websites targeting the same topic as you, the better your chances of ranking high for your main keywords.
  • Profitability Potential
    There must be money in the chosen market. If Adsense™ profits are your goal, you must ensure that advertisers are willing to pay for the traffic that you will bring them. If you are selling a product, you must know if people that search for your niche markets are willing to pay for the information or product you are promoting.

By the end of this report, you will be able to spot red-hot niches and will never again settle for a niche that does not meet all three of these requirements.

The Absolute Best Niches to Enter

Most people want to rank high in Google. That‘s why all the keyword programs give you tools to calculate competition on this search engine only.

However, the very best niches to enter are the ones where your chances of getting high rankings are good in all three of the major search engines.

In November 2006, according to comScore Networks, 44.1% of online searches were conducted on Google. Second and third places were awarded to Yahoo (28.7%) and MSN (12.5%) oe Both, combined, accounted for 41.2% of the total market share.

Now that you know this, do you still want to put all your eggs into one basket?

The method I am teaching you in this report will help you uncover incredibly hot niche markets. Hungry markets where the earnings potential is high and the supply is incredibly low... in all three major engines: Google, MSN and Yahoo.

The formula outlined can be trimmed down to a single engine. So if you want to optimize your future site for MSN or Yahoo only, you will be able to find even more untapped niches.

First Things First : Brainstorming

Brainstorming topics is the very first thing you need to do. It‘s the easiest part of the process, so don‘t spend too much time on this.

Simply put, all you need to do is make a list of words oe any word that comes to your mind (pen, car, house, etc.). We‘ll call these —seed keywords“.

At this stage, it‘s not important to know whether a topic is —hot“ or not. But if you want to have a head start about the demand of a topic, you can scour the Web to see what people are interested in.

Below you will find a list of sites you can check out for seed keyword ideas:

  • Google Suggest
    Mining Google Suggest for seed keywords couldn‘t be easier! Start by typing a letter in the search box and Google will suggest key phrases that start with that letter (also try typing more than one letter). The data is from Google‘s own search engine so you know these keywords ARE popular.
  • Ebay Pulse
    Here you will find a top ten list of the current favorite searches on eBay for each of their categories. Worth checking out!
  • Lycos 50
    Lycos 50 is a very interesting site that I visit at least once per week. It not only gives you a list of the 50 most searched for keywords in the Lycos search engine for the previous week but their articles and blog posts are also very enlightening! Make sure you visit this site at least once.
  • Dogpile SearchSpy
    Dogpile is a meta search engine (searches multiple sites at once) and you can see a filtered (family friendly) or unfiltered scrolling list of search terms entered by their users. Dogpile is one of the engines used by Wordtracker for their search count data.
  • Yahoo! Buzz
    Yahoo also provides you with Top Movers (search terms for which there have been a notable increase in popularity within the last day), Top Leaders (top searches of all times) and some interesting articles.
  • AOL Hot Searches
    More hot searches list provided by AOL. There is a general top list and you can also see top searches by category.
  • Ask IQ
    Yet another top list provided by a popular search engine.