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Get the ease of Pay-Per-Click publishing with the income of the best affiliate programs. You can now refer visitors to the ClickBank mall and collect the commissions. Affiliate Sensor's new context-relevant, text-link affiliate ad blocks let you choose from ClickBank's over 10,000 products by copying and pasting a little JavaScript onto your web pages. You show only context-relevant, highly targeted text ads that you have control over. The ads you display are sorted to show the best performing affiliate links on top. You can make up to $75 per sale or more!

Real-time reporting, including clicks by domain, page and referrer. An easy-to-use script-building interface that lets you fully customize your ad blocks. You only have to modify your ad code one time to update that same ad on all
pages using that ad block.

The database is updated regularly so the best ranking programs always appear in your results. AffiliateSensor gives you 5% of the impressions of every account that signs up through your "Ads by.." link. They have all of the ad formats supplied by Google AdSense, so you can use their ads to replace the Public Service Ads (PSA's). They even have a special link format that you can add directly into the google_alternate_ad_url line of your AdSense code.

This program has no up-front costs to you. You will never pay them any money. AffiliateSensor pays for the program by sending 5% of the ad-block impressions to their own ClickBank account and 5% to the account of whomever
you signed up through.

This means that, unlike other contextual ad programs, you do not give them free branding. When someone clicks on the "Ads by" link and signs up for an account, you get 5% of their ad impressions sent to your
ClickBank account.

For example, if someone signs up under you and gets 100,000 impressions of their ads, 90,000 of those impressions go to their ClickBank account, 5,000 to the AffiliateSensor account and 5,000 to your account. Any clicks and sales generated off of your 5,000 impressions are credited to your ClickBank account. It's an incredible way for you to get extra money by doing nothing but getting the great benefits of their program.

Does 10% sound like a lot? It's not. Consider these facts: The average banner network keeps from 20%-30% of impressions for themselves. Google AdSense keeps 32% of the income generated per click. rates
are low! They don't need to be any higher because this program work