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Sell your as inventory to the highest bidder. How would you like to have over 1,000 advertisers competing to advertise on your site? Imagine the effect that would have on your business - your inventory would be 100% sold and always sold to the highest bidder. That's what the BidClix advertising marketplace brings you.

It’s time to maximize your revenue. You've worked hard to develop a high quality content rich website that attracts a steady stream of traffic. So naturally you'll want to get the highest price for your inventory. With their real-time bid-forplacement auction system, you can use BidClix to sell your advertising inventory to the highest bidder.

With BidClix you can:

  1. Decide how much you want to charge. Set your own price.
  2. Sell advertising directly to advertisers.
  3. Have complete control over which ads appear on your site.
  4. Continue to use Google AdSense or any other ad network.
  5. Gain a free listing in the BidClix Advertising Marketplace with exposure to 11,000+ advertisers.

Access a large pool of advertisers. Publishers are turning to BidClix because they deliver the highest yielding ads. Their ad marketplace is designed specifically to connect you with the ads that will earn you the most revenue, using
their unique optimization technology. This proprietary technology is always looking for the ad that will maximize your revenue.

Other ad networks use geographic or contextual criteria to target ads. BidClix uses some of these criteria too. They can be effective, but they aren't good enough. By focusing their efforts on finding which ads will earn you the highest
yield, they earn you more. In fact, many online companies use BidClix as their exclusive revenue partner because they consistently earn them more each month.

Keep visitors interested with fresh and relevant ads. With thousands of advertisers in the BidClix advertising marketplace, your site will have access to a large source of fresh ads - keeping visitors interested and clicking, and ad
revenue higher.

Bring new prospective customers straight to your website. BidClix helps you expand your reach with carefully placed contextually targeted ads. We can send thousands of interested potential customers your way. With over 30 million
ads served per day, they zero in on the best websites for you to advertise on.

You’re in control. In the BidClix advertising marketplace, you're in control. Just like a real auction, you see exactly what your competitors are bidding. Plus, you have full control over your ad campaign: you decide where to target your ads and what price you want to pay per click.

  • Reach many of the most popular sites on the Internet.
  • Place your ads on thousands of websites - all from one place.
  • Perfect for both large and small budgets.
  • Access top websites - BidClix has worked with more than 50% of the top 100 sites.
  • Bid what you want to pay.

Target your ads to the right people and get better rates. BidClix places your ads in front of targeted buyers by using content channels. Similar to TV advertising, their channels let you target your ad to a preferred audience. Choose from over 35 channels - like entertainment, news, business, health, and careers.

With BidClix, you can advertise on any channel you want. If your product has a wide appeal, you'll especially like our channel-based system, since you can bid on any BidClix Channel in order to maximize your reach across the Internet.
More flexibility. Since BidClix isn't based on keywords, you'll have a more flexible way to increase targeted traffic to your website - for as little as 5¢ a click.

This flexibility is a key difference from many other ad networks. More control so you can increase your ROI. BidClix is designed to provide you with the best click-through rates - by showing the right ad to the right audience. Their optimization technology constantly discovers the best match between your ads and their publishers' content. You can even adjust the CPC price of your bid and change your ad copy at any time during your campaign.

This powerful feature means you can respond immediately to any changes in the BidClix advertising marketplace to ensure the maximum efficiency of your marketing dollar. Tracking clicks from BidClix is simple, you'll always be able to
determine exactly how well your campaign is doing.

Reach thousands of publishers – all from one place. BidClix partners with some of the most popular web sites on the Internet and then groups them into relevant content-channels so you can target customers without having to
negotiate with thousands of different publishers.