Adsense Alternatif - – Contextual Advertising

Publishers offers webmasters the opportunity to earn additional income by simply underlining a selection of clickable text or displaying targeted contextual banners on their websites or blogs.

Revenue Sharing and Payment:
Aside from earning a 70% profit share from displaying their contextual ads, you are also able to earn up to 85% ad revenues for displaying your own ads.

Payments are based on a net 15 terms on a bi-weekly schedule. You may select to receive your payments by Check (min. payout: $50), or Paypal (min. payout: $20). Revenue totaling less that the minimum payout amount will be rolled into the following period.

Media Offerings:

  • Inline Text Links
  • Text Banners
  • In-page Graphical Banner
  • Pop-Unders
  • XML Feeds
  • Layer Ads
  • Search box

When you join their affiliate program, you will also be enrolled for the webmasters referral program. For every Webmaster you refer that joins their contextual advertising affiliate program, you will receive a 10% commission from the daily earnings of Publishers referred.

Advertisers is a Targeted Contextual Advertising Network that serves over 360 million impressions each month by partnering with over 10,000 specialized websites. Your ad listings will instantly appear in their affiliated websites that
have related contents to your product or service.

Contextual Advertising means that your advertisement is only shown on a website that is 'in Context' to your specific product or service. Their online advertising technology works by publishing your text and/or rich media advertisement on the relevant affiliated websites that would best match your selected targeted keywords or channels.

Their Internet advertising network is set on an auction model (CPV, CPC and CPM metrics) where you may bid for placement ranking. The higher your bid, the higher placement and frequency of your ad listing will be shown on their
publishers' website.

Media Offering:

Ad Formats Cost Metrics Minimum Price
Text Banners CPC $0.10 Per Click
Graphical/Rich Media Banners CPM $0.50 Per thousand
Graphical Banners CPC $0.10 Per Click
Pop-under CPV $0.003 Per Visitor

Targeting and Optimization:

Options Examples (Target or Optimize By)
Context and behavior Keywords and Channels
User geographic location USA
Publisher sites
Conversion/ROI tracking filter any inconvertible traffic

Validation system
Clicksor's advance pioneer advertising technology analyzes every click and impression to determine whether they are quality clicks or intended to artificially generate. The system will automatically identify and filter all invalid traffic in real time based on the visit patterns. And to ensure the accuracy of the validation system, their traffic control team will examine all the traffic one more time on a daily basis. Any suspicious traffic will be removed and credited back to your account.

Campaign Management
They offer a very powerful easy-to-use management system that provides real time statistics. For each keyword, advertisers can specify the bid amount, description, title and landing URL. As an advertiser, you can also change the
settings of the campaign at any time.