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Kanoodle has the specialized solutions you need to find the customers you want. They bring together a premier network of the Web’s best sites and provide you with four innovative ways to target the right audience. Your campaign is as simple or as detailed as you want it.Reach consumers who are interested in what you offer, and use their tools to schedule, budget and manage your campaigns with complete control and transparency.

Kanoodle makes it easy for you to place ads on highly respected content sites like, MarketWatch, There's a powerful connection between visitors to sites like these and the sponsored links they show
them. They make this space work for you like no one else can.

It doesn't matter where your potential buyers are on the Web - checking the weather, catching up on news, sharing photos - we can put your business in front of people that we know are interested in what you offer. They identify audience "segments" whose online behavior lets us know what type of products and services are on their radar - and they zero in on them with your sponsored links.

Reach local consumers like never before, focusing on cities from coast to coast. Kanoodle's network of Web partners is geared towards specific towns and cities, making it possible to geo-target your audience.Now you have an even better
chance of reaching a local audience that is ready to do business with you.

When someone uses a search engine to look for what you offer, shouldn't your site be there? Kanoodle will list your site on our Web-wide network of high quality search engines - from our own Kanoodle site and CNET's, to the InfoSpace properties, including Webcrawler, Dogpile and more.

Partner with Kanoodle. They offer you a full suite of innovative products to help you generate revenue from your site. Use them all, or pick the ones that work for you. They'll give you the content and reports you need.

Use BrightAds and earn revenue for every visitor who comes to your site! We offer a variety of products for you to monetize your site, from sponsored listings for your site or RSS feed, to pops to cookies. Our industry leading programs are simple to implement and generate revenue for your site immediately.

BrightAds Content and RSS
You can place Kanoodle's industry leading sponsored links on your Web site and in your RSS feeds.

BrightAds Cookies
If you don't want to run our listings, but still want to get paid for creating a great site, BrightAds cookies is for you. Add their code to your page, and they’ll drop cookies, so when a user visits another site in the Kanoodle network, we can show them ads that will appeal to them. Our advertisers pay us for clicks and we in turn pay you a share.

BrightAds Pops
BrightAds Pops displays the landing page of an advertiser's Web site in a popunder window. We'll pay you each time a visitor is shown a BrightAds Pop - your visitors don't even need to make a click.