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What are ContentLinks™?
ContentLinks™ are keywords contextually relevant to each advertiser discovered in real-time on a web page from one of Kontera’s hundreds of online publishers which are automatically linked with the advertiser’s most relevant text ad. By mousing-over your linked keyword, a prospective customer can see your text ad complete with logo or other graphic element.

What is the ContentLink™ Ad Center?
The ContentLink Ad Center is your advertisers interface for managing your In-Text Advertising campaigns. The ContentLink™ Ad Center is a self-service bidding for placement solution which gives advertisers complete control of theirIn-Text Advertising campaigns, just like other pay-per-click advertising programs. Now advertisers can go live with an In-Text campaign in hours and can update placement bids, keywords, creative, ad type or images instantly whenever, wherever.

What ContentLink™ can do for you?
Only 5% of the time online is spent conducting a Search. Kontera’s ContentLink™ In-Text Advertising solution lets you reach your customers the other 95% of the time, while they are reading and reviewing contextually relevant
content online. ContentLink™ ensures the highest relevancy of the keywords to your ads, providing you with a better ROI than with other advertising vehicles.

The ContentLink™ advantage:
At the core of Kontera’s patent-pending technology are a set of proprietary algorithms that enable advertisers to maximize their ROI because of greater relevancy between ad message, content and the reader’s frame of mind.
Kontera’s platform, optimized and proven running hundreds of In-Text Advertising campaigns over the last seven years, facilitates the analysis of each web page in real-time.

Keywords and topics are then extracted and ranked, and then instantly matching to the advertiser’s most relevant text ad. The greater relevancy between the content, keyword and text ad made possible by Kontera’s proven technology increases the advertiser’s ROI. The ContentLink™ Ad Center provides advertisers with an easy-to-use interface to capitalize on Kontera’s ContentLink™ technology in order to maximize your ROI.

ContentLink™ provides:

  • Better Relevancy Delivering an Improved ROI – Kontera’s advanced technology guarantees the highest degree of relevancy between content, keywords and your ads. That’s why ContentLink™ gives your ads better
    conversion rates, improving your ROI.
  • An Informational User Experience – The cognitive association between the key word and your ad improves the click-through and conversion rates in your ContentLink™ keyword link
  • Complete Campaign Control – The ContentLink™ Ad Center is the first In-Text Advertising self-service bidding system which gives you complete control to start, stop, and update your campaign or bidding whenever and wherever youwant.
  • Branding with Logos and/or Images – The ContentLink™ Ad Center lets you add a logo, image or other graphic element which is seen whenever the reader mouses-over your keyword link.
  • Cost Per Click Accountability – Even when a reader mouses over your keyword link and is exposed to your brand, you still only pay when a customer actually clicks on your ad. To change your placement, change your bid for placement just like you do with other PPC ad programs.
  • More Characters than other Pay-Per-Click Ad programs – More Characters than other Pay-Per-Click Ad programs – Tired of the headaches you get trying to fit your sales message into PPC text ad? ContentLink™ Ad Center gives you more characters for your ad than ANY leading PPC ad program.
  • As Easy as any Pay-Per-Click Ad Program – Update your In-Text Advertising campaigns or placement bids in minutes with ContentLink™ Ad Center’s userfriendly management interface. And if you have questions, Kontera’s customer support teams are standing by to help you.
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool – The ContentLink™ Ad Center includes a sophisticated keyword suggestion tool purpose built for optimizing In-Text Advertising campaigns based on seven years experience serving thousands of campaigns on hundreds of websites.
  • Conversion Tracking and Reporting – See results in real-time through the ContentLink™ Ad Center interface which lets you update campaigns on the fly and present results across a range of variables.
  • Advanced Auto-Optimization and Geo-Targeting – Kontera’s technology enables campaign auto-optimization of keywords to content to improve your campaign results as the system ‘learns’ your marketing needs. International Geo-Targeting further improves your relevancy and in turn, your results.


What are ContentLinks™?
ContentLink™s are contextually relevant keywords discovered in real time on a publisher’s web page that are automatically turned into a link to the most relevant and highest paying text ad from one of Kontera’s thousands of advertisers.

What ContentLink™ can do for you?
Kontera’s ContentLink™ In-Text Advertising solution lets you monetize your content in real-time, enabling an incremental increase in ad revenue by providing a new source of untapped ad inventory that does not compete with the other ad programs running on the site. ContentLink™ also creates a valuable user experience by serving relevant and informational ads that match the user’s interest and frame of mind.

The ContentLink™ advantage:
At the core of Kontera’s patent-pending technology are a set of proprietary algorithms that enable publishers to maximize their revenue and earn higher Click Through Rates. Statistical text analysis and clustering methodologies are
used, combined with semantic analysis procedures that utilize a proprietary taxonomy of subjects, keywords, and unique relationships between them.

Kontera’s platform, optimized and proven on thousands of web pages over the last seven years, facilitates the analysis of each web page in real-time. Keywords and topics are then extracted and ranked, and then instantly matching to the advertiser’s most relevant text ad. The greater relevancy between the content, keyword and text ad made possible by Kontera’s proven technology increase the publisher’s revenue.

ContentLink™ provides :

  • Increased Incremental Revenue – ContentLink™ maximizes your advertising revenue by running In-Text Advertising alongside your existing banner, text, or other ad units, thereby providing you with a new revenue stream from the content within your site.
  • Untapped Sources of Ad Inventory – Because In-Text Advertising creates a new type of advertising real estate from within the content of your own website, the revenue opportunities are nearly limitless.
  • High Click-Through Rates (CTR) – Kontera’s proprietary technology serves the most relevant In-Text keyword advertising, and therefore generates higher CTR’s than most other contextual advertising vehicles, translating into more revenue for you.
  • Instant Implementation – Kontera’s user-friendly solution will have you upand-running in minutes. All you need to do is place Kontera’s JavaScript tag on your site pages.
  • Positive User Experiences - Not only is the ContentLink™ superior in its contextual relevance, the ad itself only appears when the user mouses-over the ContentLink™, and does not automatically invade the user’s experience. The user choose whether to interact with the ContentLink™ or to ignore it altogether.
  • Further, it only contains either a relevant ad or an internal link to another relevant page within your site or network of sites. ContentLink™ provides users with relevant information when they are most interested and receptive to receive it.
  • Editorial Integrity – Since ContentLinks™ are added dynamically, in realtime, only after the text on the site has been loaded, you retain complete control over your web content. No text is compromised, and there is no interruption of the speed of page-loading. The ultimate integrity of your editorial content and your users’ experience is therefore maintained.
  • Content Monetization – Whether your content includes articles, usergenerated postings, product reviews, blogs, or social networking sites, Kontera’s dynamic contextual analysis lets you serve ContentLinks™ as soon as new and relevant content is posted.
  • Publisher Control & Customization – You control the number of ContentLinks™ which appear on your content, the color of the link, its placement, its look and feel the way the window opens once a prospect clicks, as well as competitors´ filtering, keyword filtering, etc..
  • 24/7 Customer Service – Your dedicated Kontera account manager will provide real-time support 24/7 to answer your questions and make sure that your revenue is optimized. Kontera’s professional customer service teams work with you to ensure that your ContentLink™ In-Text advertising is a commercial and editorial success.
  • Online Reporting – Kontera’s technology platform provides an online interface for watching your money. See how much revenue you are generating on a daily basis!
  • New Publisher Value-Added Functionality – Kontera offers new features to increase user time spent, stickiness and in turn, your revenue:

Intra-Site Links – Increase website stickiness by offering intra-site links to contextually relevant content on your website.

3rd Party Information Links – Add user value by offering links to external information including dictionaries, encyclopedias and more.

ContentLink™ Private Label Publisher Solutions:
Looking to increase your advertising revenue? Kontera enables leading publishers to take control of their advertising operations and increase their ad revenue with our comprehensive advertising management solution. Click Here to read more about ContentLink™ Private Label Publishers Solutions