Adsense Alternatif - (Adsonar 3.0)


Adsonar will place your ads on premium publisher site pages. Choose placements from their ad placement marketplace. In the next step they also recommend more placements that fit within your budget. There's not much risk in trying many different placements – you only pay when someone actually visits your site and clicks your ad. In their auction based advertising system, you don't pay anything to show your ad on the placements you choose, but you do pay if avisitor clicks on that ad.

Bid whatever you are willing to pay for a click on each placement (as long as it's above the minimum bid). You don't even need to be the highest bidder to receive traffic. Control your costs even more with your spending plan and daily budget settings. You choose how much and how often they charge your credit card, and you can cap the amount you spend per day.

You can pay now or later. Your selections and spending preferences are saved, and won't start running your campaign until you're ready to fund your account. To control your spending, after you click "Place my ad now," make sure you are
happy with the selections in the "How much do you want to spend" and "Spending Limits" areas of the next page.

How much does it cost? Your ads are placed on the pages, sections, or next to content topics you choose. You pay only when a visitor clicks on the ad. While you can get started with as little as $100, your total spending depends on how many clicks your ad generates.

You can control your spending by:

  • Carefully setting your bids on each placement. Your bid is the amount you are willing to pay when a visitor clicks on your ad. If you're not the highest bidder, you can still receive traffic if your ad text is well matched to the placement you've chosen.

  • Your billing plan – In the "How much do you want to spend" section of the signup page, you can choose to try this program out with an initial amount, be charged on a monthly basis, or have your account recharged every time your balance runs out.

  • Daily Budget – The strictest spending control will come from your daily budget. In the "Spending limits" area of the signup page, just enter the amount you are willing to spend on this ad campaign per day. Once you receive enough clicks to reach that limit, your ad will stop running until the next day. The dailybudget is a great way to smooth your spending over time, ensuring you don't runout of account funds too quickly.

Where will my ad run? Where your ad is shown depends on what type of placement you choose. Most of the placements in the marketplace are specific pages or sections. If you ask to recommend more placements for you, they might suggest you bid on any of these types of placements:

  • Pages – Your ad will show on a specific site page you select.

  • Sections - Your ad could appear on any of the pages within one section of one site.

  • Topics - Your ad could appear on any page that has content related to the topic you choose.

  • Newsletters - Place your ad directly on an e-mail newsletter.

  • RSS Feeds - Target your ad to a publisher's RSS feed.

Do I need to be the highest bidder? No! You should bid what you are willing to pay per click for each placement. While being the highest bidder does increase the chances that your ad will be shown, they also take into account how well your ad performs when deciding which ad to display on a particular site page.

If you don't want to bid too high, you can try to increase your ad's performance by:

  • Providing relevant titles and descriptions: Tailor your creative to the selected placements. Where applicable, place the name of a placement in your creative.

  • Shorten your creative: Make your message short and to the point. Place the most important information at the beginning of your title and description.

  • Keep your creative fresh: Update your ad creative at least once per month to keep viewers engaged.

What is content-targeted advertising? Simply put, it is advertising that is relevant to the theme or content of a Web page. Content-targeted advertising generates more awareness and clicks because it is related to what the user is reading on the page.

What is AdSonar for Advertisers? AdSonar is a content-targeted advertising network of the web's best sites. Their technology connects publishers and advertisers through an auction-based, pay-per-click marketing platform. AdSonar enables cost-per-click advertising on best-in-breed publisher sites, and arms advertisers with the ability to find their target markets within those sites.

With content targeted or site-specific placements, AdSonar gives advertisers the tools to convert an interested, captive audience into customers. What's more, advertisers can see where their ads will run – usually on the best, most popular sites in their category.

Why should I buy AdSonar ad listings? To generate more highly qualified leads. AdSonar for Advertisers allows you to reach consumers while they are engaged with the topic related to your product or service. AdSonar's matching system
guarantees that the right audience sees your message. Why are AdSonar listings any different than other content-targeted programs?

Two Simple Reasons:

  • Relevancy: AdSonar has the one of the most accurate matching technologies in the industry.

  • Simplicity: AdSonar does the work of discovering topics; making the creation of ads an easy and simple three-step process.

AdSonar combines superior relevancy matching and listings control with a vast and comprehensive Publishing community. In addition to category matching, AdSonar uses patent-pending technology to place your listings beside the most relevant content.

AdSonar simplifies the advertisement creation process while giving you superior control of where to place your listings and how they appear. AdSonar also supports "budget capping," and AdSonar's technology eliminates the process of
defining keywords by suggesting topics for your ad.

Where do AdSonar listings appear?

AdSonar listings appear on content sites that were carefully screened by their editors to have robust, unique and quality content offerings, related to the topics that you choose. We ensure that we have Publisher sites to fit your messaging.

AdSonar uses technology that assesses the relevancy of the ad listing to the target content and then arranges placement based on a combination of factors such as relevancy, the bid amount submitted for the topic & the click-through rate of the ad listing on the targeted content.

What types of ad placements can I bid on through AdSonar? AdSonar has two types of ad placements available for bidding: Contextual Placement and PageMatch, which allow you to bid to appear in ad units on specific, highly trafficked pages. Because PageMatch topics allow for placement on premium pages, the minimum bids tend to be a bit higher than the minimum bids on contextual topics.

Is there a minimum bid for AdSonar listings? The minimum bid for AdSonar varies by topic. In general, the minimum for contextual topics is in the $.20 to $.50 range. The minimum for PageMatch topics is in the range of $.65 to $2.00.