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Advertising is essential for any web business. With Veoda you can instantly advertise your product to people who are actual looking for your product. You can also ensure that your budget is not wasted on uninterested users by choosing exactly who your Ad is shown to. Best of all you only pay when someone actually make a conscious decision to visit your site. You can get started in only 10 minutes and you Ad will be instantly shown across the whole Veoda affiliate network of over 4 million searches per month.

If you need in instant profits then you've come to the right place. Many Veoda advertisers have recorded returns on their investment as high as 300% when using Veoda's advertising program. Choose your ranking - For only $0.01 your website can be top of the search results pages.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising allows website owners, like you, to choose their ranking in search results. You choose the search terms, the cost and when/where your listing is displayed! From only $0.01 your site can be included in the first page of any search results and be shown across thousands of websites. The higher your bid in relation to other advertisers, the higher your listing appears in search results. Usually you can be 1st for any keyword for only $0.04 per click. Don't let your competitors beat you to the top!

Customers are looking for your product or service - Veoda will simply direct them to you. At this very moment in time there are probably thousands of people looking for your product. Veoda allows website owners like you to target customers who are actively searching for your products or services. You simply bid on the keywords that are relevant to your website. Your site will appear in front of users who are actively searching for sites like yours, providing you qualified leads interested in your products or services.

Since you set the price you pay per click, and the keywords you’d like to be listed under, you are always in complete control of your campaign’s reach, traffic and spending. This allows a business with any advertising budget to effectively target customers.

Veoda's partner programs offer publishers the opportunity to maximize revenue from every page of their websites. Veoda delivers ads that are relevant to what your readers see on your pages while still offering the highest rates in the industry of any pay per click affiliate program.

Some of the features include:

  • Earn 5% of total revenues from affiliates that signup through your referral codes
  • Earn $5.00 for each Advertiser Sign up (requires Advertiser to fund account)
  • Earn money whenever someone clicks your Veoda Ads
  • Enhance user experience with relevant and exciting Ads. Including javascript and other multimedia styles to suit your site.
  • MyRates™ We reward affiliates based on their performance, rates start at 60% and top partners can receive up to 90% per click. Our average smallmedium website owner receives 80% per click!
  • Manage your Ads View real-time detailed statistics and easily control all sites participating in the program
  • Get started fast It's free to sign up, no tax details are needed and you can start earning revenue in minutes. You are free to cancel your account at anytime.

Veoda runs on bid for placement basis where advertisers bid a certain amount per click to appear in results, affiliates receive a percentage of this bid every time someone clicks on your Veoda Ads. The percentage you receive is based on the MyRates™ system explained below.

MyRates Explanation
Using our MyRates™ system partners who try and show Veoda Ads more often receive higher commissions on clicks. MyRates™ automatically adjusts you're commission according to how many times you have shown Veoda ads in the last 30 days. You receive 1 point every time you show any type Veoda ad or search Veoda.