Adsense Alternatif - – IntelliTXT & SmartAD


IntelliTXT - User-initiated in-text advertising offering you the unique opportunity to engage your customers within the text of web content.

  • The leading in-text advertising solution

  • 100% user-initiated online advertisements

  • Rich Media enabled (i.e.. Movie Trailers, Music Videos, Commercials)

  • Cuts through advertising clutter and avoids banner blindness

  • Works across all content categories.

Words Engage

IntelliTXT enables every word to be an opportunity for advertisers to communicate with their customers. By drawing a connection between your advertising message and words relevant to your products, IntelliTXT will capture a user's attention and engage them with your brands.

Always on IntelliTXT

Which words are relevant to your brands? Advertisers can now own words across the internet and rotate campaign initiatives, 24/7, 365 days a year.

100% User-driven

Engage with your customers on their terms, only when they are interested. Deliver a user-initiated movie preview, music video, or commercial through ntelliTXT VIDEO.

In-Text Placement

Cut through the online advertising clutter through in-text placement. By putting your advertising directly inside the content, IntelliTXT eliminates the risk of banner blindness and maximizes the impact of your advertising.

SmartAD uses contextual display advertising to help you communicate your message at the right time and place

  • Precise audience and contextual targeting

  • Deliver MPUs, Skyscrapers, and Banners along side relevant content

  • Combines website demographics and contextual targeting for complete ad relevancy


SmartAD uses the IntelliTXT technology to read the page and deliver relevant display advertising alongside the content.

Big Brand Impact

SmartAD is delivered through MPUs, skyscrapers and other high impact IAB approved media placements.

Maximize Relevancy, Minimize Waste

Minimize wasted impressions by reaching users while they are actively reading content relevant to your products and services.


IntelliTXT - User-initiated in-text advertising Is your Website delivering more than 500,000 page views of text based
content a month? We work closely with advertisers to plan and optimize their IntelliTXT media campaigns, allowing us to expand your website's advertising real estate with relevant in-text media placements.

Advertising Revenue

IntelliTXT advertising campaigns will increase your advertising revenue without adding more clutter, allowing you to expand advertising real estate with relevant in-text placements.

Positive User Experience

A user must mouse-over an IntelliTXT word to view a relevant advertisement. IntelliTXT is a 100% User-Driven Advertising Experience.

Easy Implementation

As simple as running a banner campaign, IntelliTXT campaigns are easy to implement. If your site qualifies IntelliTXT campaigns can be live with in one business day.

Guidelines and Standards

As the in-text advertising leaders, our guidelines and standards ensure that IntelliTXT is delivered responsibly.
Does your site qualify for IntelliTXT?

Text based content is defined as a page containing more than 50 words.Your website must receive a minimum of 500,000 page views to qualify for IntelliTXT.

We are currently planning IntelliTXT and SmartAD advertising campaigns in the following countries/regions: USA, UK, Canada, France, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Japan, Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands. If the majority of your
traffic/unique user base resides outside of these countries/regions, please check back in with us in 6 months to a year.

SmartAD a publisher-side solution that enables you to earn the most from your current advertising inventory

  • Delivers incremental display advertising revenue

  • Back fills ad real-estate with high quality relevant advertisers to help balance inventory

  • Vibrant Media’s brand remains completely invisible

  • Easy to deploy and access to 24-7 reporting

  • Automates analysis and categorization of content to determine contextually appropriate advertising message

Delivers Incremental Display Advertising Revenue.

Balance inventory and generate meaningful revenue from even the deepest content.

Vibrant Media's Brand Remains Completely Invisible.

Vibrant Media's Technology reads and understands the page with no evidence to the user.

Back Fills Existing Real-Estate.

Back fills IAB approved ad real-estate with high quality relevant advertisers to help balance inventory.

Easy & Convenient.

Easy to deploy and access to 24-7 reporting.

Does your site qualify for SmartAD?

To join Vibrant Media’s SmartAD Publisher Program your website must:

  • Receive more than 500,000 page impressions per month

  • Use English as the primary language

  • Contain content across the following categories – Computing & IT, General News, Business, Small Business

  • Have a demographic user profile as follows: C-level, IT professional, developer, business decision maker and technology consumer/enthusiast