Adwords Made Easy - 1

Are You Prepared To Profit From Instant Web Traffic?

Warning - If you're not serious about creating an online business that " makes your money for you", please stop reading this now!

Welcome to The Player's Guide To Adwords Domination.

Before we start, I want to cut a deal with you. You see, I wrote this eBook out of a desire to teach others how to create using PPC advertising. I've poured a lot of effort into this eBook, but only because I 200% that this works. And what's more, it should work for who uses these strategies for their own business.

And because I've worked so hard to create this, I want it to . If you end up "wasting" your time by reading this once and not applying it…well let's just say we can't have any of that.

The only way we're going to do this is if you to apply the money-making strategies that I'm about to share with you. In return, you have my word that I will show you the exact steps that I have taken to bring in instant traffic and build my online empire. I still get kicks out of calling my business an empire.

Simple give and take (or show and tell).

To give you a quick idea of what I'm talking about (and to show you what's possible)…

This is from just one campaign I run on Google AdWords (more on this later) for just one of my products for last month. This is for a $167 product. You'll notice that the cost/conversion is as low as $2.59! You'll also see that almost all of the groups running have a click through rate higher than 5%. Some as high as 10%! The great thing about this, is once it's up and running, it literally take NO work to earn money via Adwords. It's all on autopilot.

In the next few chapters, I will be teaching only those skills that you absolutely need to know in order to create your own wealth (and then maybe take your own screen shots?) like I have shown above.

Ready to roll? Let's start with the lifeblood of any online business - website traffic - and how you can create it instantly.

How to create instant website traffic?

While I was preparing my notes for this chapter, I started to think about what people want to learn the most when it comes to making money online. What do you want to learn most about making money online?

Is it:

  • How to make more sales?

  • How to create a winning product?

  • How to actually make a sale (the technical aspects of online business)?

The first thing I want to tell you is to start focusing on what is truly important in business, whether it's a brick-and-mortar store your grandpa owned or a snazzy new website you've just started.

The first question that you should be asking (not the only question because there is more to creating online wealth, but this is the most important point) is:

How do I drive more traffic to my website?

As an entrepreneur, your income will always be (beyond a certain point) a function of traffic.

  • More people coming in to your store to look at antiques = more sales = more money.

  • More prospects getting your sales letter in their mailboxes = more sales = more money.

  • More people visiting your online store… you get the picture.

Traffic is important. It's the lifeblood that runs and determines the success of any business.

You may know it by different names, so to put it in another way:

More people seeing your sales pitch = more money coming into the bank. (granted your sales pitch is something people want)

Doesn't get simpler than that.

Note: In later chapters I'll talk to you about the other factors that determine your income - product value, pricing and most importantly, converting this traffic into enthusiastic, buying customers.

Back to the original question: How do you create instant website traffic?

Search engines are a good way to bring free traffic to your website - and while I've been teaching business owners like you, how to bring in truckloads of free search engine traffic for several years now, the problem with this method is that it takes time to rank highly in Google and other search engines.

... And we all only have a limited amount of time. The challenge here is to create a money-making machine that attracts prospects, reels them in, converts them into customers and repeats the process all over again. Think of it as a revolving door - prospects just keep coming to your website and keep going out as happy customers (hopefully).

The good news is that there already is such a system for bringing in instant traffic - pay-perclick advertising (PPC). I'll be talking exclusively about how you can use PPC advertising via Google Adwords, to drive traffic to your website and convert that traffic into customers.

The bad news is that 95 percent of PPC advertisers end up throwing several hundred bucks down the hole before they even begin to understand how pay-per-click works. What's more, there are many business owners who, after being burned to the tune of several thousands of dollars, give up on PPC advertising because they don't get how it works.

Imagine the pain of giving up a marketing opportunity like that, just because you were so frustrated that nothing was working.

What I've done here is I've broken PPC advertising down for you in simple terms - and as you will see in this chapter and the next, I'll be taking you by hand and cutting through all the mystery that surrounds AdWords (my ad network of choice) and pay-per-click marketing.