Adwords Made Easy - 19

Using Keyword Elite to get your profitable list of keywords...

Step 1

Open Keyword Elite and select project 5 and click "ok"

Keyword Elite

Step 2

Click the "new project" button and then enter a project name. We'll just enter a project name titled "keyword research" since that's the name of the main keyword we used to generate our keyword list. The project name can be anything, but should be something you'll remember later. Reason being, you can create as many projects as you want, to track as many keywords and websites as you want...

Keyword Elite

Step 3

Click the "edit project" button to enter our keywords and URL. We'll enter the website URL: and the keywords:

keyword research
keyword ppc research
keyword research tool
highbeam keyword research search web
keyword marketing research
keyword research serviceengine
keyword ranking research search
keyword research software
keyword research tracking
keyword research seo
highbeam keyword question research save
keyword research services
free keyword research tool
keyword popularity research
article document keyword question research save search
keyword professional research
engine engine keyword research search search tip
free keyword research
instant keyword research
ft keyword lauderdale research

If I were to only use Keyword Elite, I would have generated a keyword list of over 5,000 keywords and then just copied those keywords into project 5, which would only take a couple minutes... but in this example, let's just use this small keyword list that the Overture Search Term suggestion tool created for us.

Keyword Elite

Click "ok"... and then move to the next step.

Step 4

The next step is to just click the "run now" button and Keyword Elite will then go to Google and will tell us whether the website is bidding on any of those keywords listed. It only take a couple seconds to complete. When finished, the screen will look like this:

Keyword Elite

Keyword Elite will show you the website you're monitoring, as well as the keyword, The date Keyword Elite checked to see if the website was bidding on the keyword. Whether the website is bidding on the keyword, the number of days the keyword has been found... And it will also list the Title of the ad, the description of the ad, and the actual URL being used in the ad.

On top of that, you can even set Keyword Elite to run on a scheduler at a specified time each day, so you literally have to do nothing once you've input your keywords!

To set it on a scheduler, just click the scheduler button and you'll be prompted through a little wizard asking when you'd like to run Keyword Elite, as shown below:

Keyword Elite

As you can see, whether you decide to go the manual route, OR the automated route, you'll get the same results... and that is, you'll make money, and better yet... you'll prevent Google from taking your money!

I hope this chapter has provided some in site into what you really need to be doing before you even think about setting up a Google Adwords campaign.

That wraps up the final bonus chapter. At this point you should know everything you NEED to know to earn a steady income with Google Adwords AND Google Adsense. All that is left for you to do now is to 'TAKE ACTION'. I strongly urge you to take what you've learned in the past 85 pages and do at least 1 thing right now. Not tomorrow… but right now!

I wish you all the best and I'll leave you with that. The rest is up to you. Good luck!

All the best,
Brad Callen
Professional SEO