Affiliate Money Machine - Back End Affiliate Marketing

The main focus here is to search for profitable back end opportunities using a higher end and/or residual income affiliate program that earn you higher/lifetime commissions. This is the key to excess profits.

Back End Sales Are The Key To Generating Extra Revenue.
(Note: Secret Affiliate Weapon even allows you to make back end sales automatically)

The wonderful thing about back end products is that you don’t, in this case, have to create them yourself. What is a back end? It is any product or opportunity offered to the customer:

  1. After the sale

  2. During the check out process as an added option

  3. A special offer to members

Types Of Back End Products To Consider:

  • Higher priced affiliate products

  • Memberships for residual income opportunity

  • Two-tier affiliate programs of interest to your list. Have them sign up under you

Any complementary niche product you can find

How To Find Back End Products:

With affiliate marketing, finding a complementary up-sell product is as simple as joining an affiliate program for a related product and marketing it to your list.

For higher priced or exclusive offers, you’ll want to look into a joint venture with the affiliate site owners.

Keep in mind that the back end sales process need not involve bringing in new products right away. One of the most effective tactics is to joint venture with another site owner and have them place your product (if you’ve them) with their affiliate link on their order page while do the same for them.

Notice that both sides win in this equation. Each person receives additional profit and additional exposure and potential new leads. You are essentially sharing your traffic with each other and in this scenario, turning the affiliate owner into your affiliate!