Affiliate Money Machine - Following Up With Your Leads

By now, you should have the technical portion of your system in place. This includes:

  1. Your domain name and hosting account
  2. Your autoresponder account
  3. Your opt-in page and thank you page

Now it’s time to start loading your autoresponder with high quality content for your prospects to devour and appreciate.

Your Autoresponder And Follow Up Content Represent The Primary Sales Tool In This Process.

This content serves a dual purpose: to educate your prospects as well as build a relationship with them. Remember that it often takes several exposures to a product before a sale is made, even affiliate sales, and now you’re in full control to ensure YOU make the commissions.

Your prospects may also require exposure to you before they’ll buy. Your follow up content is designed to foster this relationship by demonstrating your knowledge and credibility. It is also making a very basic human connection as you speak to them with your own flair, your own style.

If you can excite them into agreement with your point of view, they are much more likely to get excited about the products you offer them. So, how and where can you acquire your content quickly?

How To Generate Content Fast:

Your niche may have a wealth of reusable content available. Or you may have chosen a niche where good content is hard to find. When this happens it doesn’t mean that the niche is without value.

The most common scenario is that the content you do find can not be reprinted freely. You want to avoid infringing copyrights. Let’s tackle this second case first because the process will give you a valuable skill.

Creating Your Own Content: A Quick Formula…

When you can’t find reusable content online, you need to create your own. This sounds like extra work, but you can do it in a day with focused effort.

  1. Print out all of the content from your niche that you can find online.
  2. If you still need additional information, make a quick trip to your local library and photocopy relevant passages from books and magazines on your subject.
  3. Re-write content in your own words and use the articles you’ve found as a model for structuring your content.
  4. Tackle the process with an eye on the problem/solution formula of pre-selling.

Let’s reframe this process in broader terms:

You already have the product and understand your target market. You know what problem the product is designed to solve. You can generate a list of potential questions and issues your target market has in mind, and then seek out the answers to those questions.

Essentially, seek out all of the supporting data, ideas, research, etc which backs up the benefits listed in the affiliate product’s sales letter. This is a piece of cake to do and you will generate all the content you could ever need.

Other Content Sources:

If you’re working within a popular niche, you have the advantage of lots of ready made content available to you online.

Articles: The very first place to start your search is at article distribution sites like, and Yahoo! Group at

For example Yahoo! Groups articles cover a broad range of topics. Use this resources to find authors and web sites providing additional content.

Once you browse through the general distribution sites, you’ll want to run a highly targeted keyword search for additional content sources at the major search engines…

Go to Google and type in your niche keywords + “free articles” or :”reprint articles” and you should pull up quite a few sites with these resources.

Public Domain Content: Always check the public domain for content. You’re almost guaranteed to find something of use. The only drawback with the public domain is that the online databases do require a bit of advanced search knowledge on your part.

You might have to dig to get exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll also need to do some editing work on the content you find as most of it is dumped directly into plain text files. Good places to begin include and

Private Label Content: If you’re in the internet marketing niche, a lot of private label content has surfaced recently which you can use. With private label content, you can change, edit and even place your own name as the author of the materials.

How To Use Your Content:

Once you obtain your content, it’s time to set up your delivery schedule: How often do you want to contact your prospects?

When you pre-sell, your ideal solution will see you “feed drip” content to your prospects in order to increase their interest and curiosity.

This is best accomplished through a time-delayed series of messages spread out across days or weeks, with each message offering just a little more information than the last to whet the prospect’s appetite.

Some common marketing practices:

  • 5 Day mini-course
  • 7 Day mini-course
  • 6 week course; one follow up message per week

Sit down and map out a schedule for your messages and determine the best use of the content you have available. You don’t have to give it all away quickly.

In fact, you can pull out very short pieces of content to keep your prospects hooked. Here’s an example of how you might do this in your very first message:

Mail Example

Notice how effective this is and how the message was built around only two small pieces of information: a statistic, and a hint at a fact that won’t be disclosed until the second message.

Try this if you’d like to stretch as much mileage as possible out of your content. Of course you’d want to slip in a recommendation for the affiliate product in each message and build up the need for it.

Here are some points to remember when it comes to content:

  • Do seek out public domain and reprint articles.
  • Put in the effort to create your own content if needed. It’s worth the effort.
  • Stay focused on relevance.
  • Don’t use content where the copyright status is unclear or reprints are prohibited
  • NEVER plagiarize any work. Always re-write content in your own words