Conclusion: Putting Two and Two Together

I have been using the method I have described to you in this report for a while now, and it has served me well.

I jealously guarded my foolproof niche finding method for myself until now, as I just showed you every step I use to find niches in this report. I swear I did not hold anything back from you.

Even though I already told you, you probably still are wondering why I am sharing my secret system with you if it works so well. Why not keep the secret for myself? There are two reasons which I will tell you in a moment.

First, to be frank with you, I did not share my method just because I am feeling overly generous and want to create some unneeded competition for myself, but because there are so many untapped niches that I will never be able to find on all of them unless I worked 12 hours a day, every day of the week for the rest of my life.

I really value my time and no money in the world will be able to buy me more than 24 hours a day.

Second, my online income has been mostly based around Adsense™, affiliate programs and niche ebooks and as much as I love the passive income my niche sites bring me, I need more action.

You see, I am what you could call an —idea person“. I have new ideas for business ventures all the time and I am always on the lookout to find ways to do things better.

An obvious example of something I needed done better (and faster) was my niche finding process.

When I first began researching niches, I used the Overture Suggestion Tool, a free spreadsheet program and a calculator and would spend days and nights researching my potential niche topics on Google, MSN and Yahoo.

But as my sites grew in number, and in revenue, I realized that I would have to come up with a solution that would help me to work faster yet allow me to continue customizing my methods as I went along.

Of course, I first tried some of the paid keyword tools but found that I still had to do many of my steps manually; because none of the keyword tools on the market are designed to find niches oe they are designed to find keywords.

You see, all the keyword tools focused on Google and ignored MSN and Yahoo. This ignores a massive number of searchers, but also ignores the fact that other search engines are easier to rank on and by ranking well on them your site is more likely to move higher on Google.

While I first used the keyword in quotes: —keyword“ to research potential competitors, I now mostly use more advanced search queries such as allintitle:—keyword“ (see Appendix) and I did not find a tool that would allow me to customize my search type.

I also found that most of these keyword tools were lacking the ability to filter my keywords in order to strip away the less productive phrases and leave only the niches that have the greatest potential for my efforts.

So I created my own tool. A Real Niche Finding Tool that would grab all the data I needed and would let me filter my key phrases over and over again, until I am left with the cream of the crop! I called it Niche Inspector.

Every single step of my niche hunting method that could be computerized, while leaving me with flexibility I needed to filter key phrases has been automated by Niche Inspector:

Brainstorming: When I don‘t have any seed word to start with, Niche Inspector will supply me with up to 250 keywords in popular markets.

Sub-Niches: Niche Inspector takes any seed word or phrase and goes out to find related sub-niches.

Competition: Niche Inspector quickly finds the number of results for all my sub-niches in all three major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and MSN… Using any customized search query I want, such as —quoted“, allintitle, etc.

Profitability Potential: Niche Inspector counts how many advertisers are bidding on my niche terms on the Google Adwords™ networks. Best Paying Niches: It also lets me view the Adwords™ bid prices on all my keywords and phrases.

Keyword Effectiveness Index: Niche Inspector instantly calculates the KEI and R/S ratio (Results/Searches) on all my key phrases.

Customized Filtering: The best and most important feature of all: Niche Inspector lets me easily filter all my potential niches by number of competitors in any or all three search engines, number of advertisers, KEI score, R/S Ratio, Adwords™ Cost-Per-Click.

I made a short video to demonstrate how I use Niche Inspector to find red-hot niches by using its powerful filter feature but before you click on the image below to watch it, make sure that you fully understand the method I have shared with you in this report or you may find yourself a little overwhelmed.