Digging for High Demand Niches

The seed keywords we chose in the previous chapter are (and should be) pretty broad so if we decided to create a niche site on one of these topics, we would we competing with hundreds if not thousands of other websites.

For example, if you had a site on the —dogs“ niche, it would be much harder for your site to rank high for your main keyword (—dog“) on the search engines. On the other side, if your site was on —natural food for dogs“, it would be much easier for it to rank highly as you will be competing with a lot less websites.

What we need to do now is take one of our seed words and create a list of smaller, related topics. But we also must make sure these smaller markets meet requirement #1 of a hot niche:

High Demand The more people are actively looking for information that your niche is catering to, the more visitors you can attract on your website. Thus, the chance of your visitors clicking an ad or buying your product is higher.

To find those sub-topics, we will dig into our seed market and create a list of related phrases using the free Overture Inventory Tool. The best thing about the Overture Inventory Tool is that for each key phrase that you enter, Overture will return by default 100 related phrases… the top 100 most popular one.

This means that these 100 related markets already have demand (popularity).

Ok. Let‘s get started.

Niche InspectorFirst, choose one of the seed keywords you brainstormed, go to the Overture Inventory Tool and enter that keyword in the space reserved for this purpose.

You will then be presented with a list of related keywords and a number of the left side; this is the number of times each of the key phrases was searched for in the previous month. For the sake of this example, we will use —coffee“ as the seed keyword.

I chose this simple word to show you how easy it is to find hidden niche markets with just about ANY keyword. Entering —coffee“ (without the quotes) into the engine will give you results similar to the picture above.

Take all of these key phrases and note them down with the search count provided by Overture, in your favorite spreadsheet program. P.S. You can also dig for more keywords by clicking on any word from the list to find even more phrases.