eBay Cash! - About Me Page

The about me page is often overlooked by many eBay sellers. While having an about me page will not dramatically increase your sales, it can help. Many sellers also make the mistake of including links only to their listings and not information about themselves in the about me page.

An about me page is free, there is no extra charges and if you take a little bit of time and make it the right way, an about me page can actually improve your sales. The main reason you should get your own about me page is to gain peoples trust.

This is your chance to show your visitors that they are dealing with a real person and not some unidentified scam artist that lives "far away". Your about me page should actually include information about yourself (hobbies, interests, your story etc.) and information about your business (history, how you started etc).

Another good idea is to include a picture of yourself, this will turn you into a real person in the eyes of your visitors and can instantly gain peoples trust.

Your About Me page doesn’t need to be too fancy. A picture and a paragraph will get you a long way. What amazes me is that such a small percentage of eBay sellers utilize this great feature, and those who do rarely make it personal!

A picture and a story about yourself can instantly gain your visitors trust, and trust will be very important to you because trust is a big part of becoming a successful eBay PowerSeller. That is why every eBay user ID has feedback beside it. If your feedback rating is still low, people won't trust you as much as they trust sellers with high feedback ratings.

A well done about me page can help you out in the trust department if you have a low feedback score. Why is trust so important? Because when a person decides to buy something from you on eBay, they are pretty much going in blindly. They have never dealt with you before, seen you or the product you’re selling before, you probably don't live anywhere near them and nothing is stopping you from taking their money and running.

Another reason why trust is important is because the internet is full of scam artists and for someone that is about to buy something over the internet for the first time trust is a big deal. If they don't trust you or have any doubts about you they probably won't buy from you.

Your about me page should also include links to your auctions page or your eBay store. But the main job of your about me page should be to gain peoples trust and make them comfortable with who they are dealing with (you). Trust is big, that is the reason feedback is so important in eBay, that is why PowerSellers get more bids than regular sellers and it is why many sellers refuse letting members with 0 feedback bid on their auctions...they simply don't trust them.

Trust makes people comfortable and gets rid of their doubts, and that is what your about me page should do, gain trust. Bottom line - You need to gain peoples trust, and an “about me page” can accomplish that.

A well-branded About Me page for a company.