eBay Cash! - Average and Low Priced Products

Average and low priced products advantages:
  • It doesn't take a fortune to start. Selling lower priced products does not require a lot of money to start.
  • There is less risk involved with low priced products. Let's say you buy 25 pairs of running shoes for $10 a pair to sell on eBay. But no one seems to be interested, if you simply can't get rid of the shoes you will only "lose" $250 of your own money.
  • Less expensive products are usually easy to get your hands on, so you won’t need to befriend an authorized dealer. You can simply go to the supplier and buy from them yourself.

Average and low priced products disadvantages:

  • Competition; a lot more people will be selling the same products as you if you sell low priced stuff. The fact that it's easy to acquire most low priced products and you don't need a fortune to start makes most people start off with the lower priced stuff.
  • More work; the cheaper the item you are selling the smaller the profit you make (usually). The smaller the profit you make the bigger the number of sales you need in order to make the money you want to make and the more sales you make the more products you need to wrap and ship, emails you need to answer, payments you need to collect and transactions you need to keep track of.