eBay Cash! - Before You Get Started

You have just read a lot of information about becoming a successful eBay PowerSeller. The information you have read is more than enough to get you rich and is worth every penny of the money you spent on it and more. Unfortunately, for most of the people that have just read this valuable information, it is worthless. Let me explain...

Unless you apply all of the things you have just learned nothing is going to change, your financial situation won't get any better and you will simply move on to a new and "better" idea. What good is it to read something, learn it, and know exactly how to apply it but never get around to doing anything?

You have just read what is probably the best eBay book ever written. You have just been given a goldmine of money making, dream achieving, ground shaking information...why would you waste it? Why would you waste this great potential to make money?

You have so much potential. You are so close to making the kind of money you have always wanted to make. You are literally on the edge of a success cliff, all you have to do is take the next step. All you have to do is start and before you know it you will be too busy becoming successful and too far into eBay to stop. Start now, start today.

You need to start while you are excited, while you have the confidence. If you start now you just might become a whole new person. You are a person that takes action, a person that thinks positively and a person that controls your own destiny.

If you don't start now you will simply go back to being the old you and keep jumping from "million dollar idea" to "million dollar idea", never spending enough time on each idea to get it off the ground. The difference between successful people and failures is the failures talk about their good ideas and keep talking until they find a new "better" idea.

Successful people put their ideas and plans into action, accomplish what they want to do, and then talk about it. Successful people do, failures talk about doing. That is why this book is not going to help most of the people that read it, it is because most people will talk, dream, and scheme…but do nothing about it.

Iknow I may sound like a broken record but this is the opportunity of a lifetime. eBay is your chance to get rich. This is it; this is your chance...eBay. Get everything else out of your head, from now the only way out there to make money for you is eBay.

Don't fall into the trap, don't let a "better idea" come along and make you abandon eBay. Stop being all over the place, stop trying to always look for new ways to make money. Are there other ways to make money? Of course, there are always lots of ways to make money—but you can’t keep thinking about them!

Maybe after you’ve been a PowerSeller for a few years and you’ve accomplished your financial dreams you can think about exploring another line of business, but for now—get everything else out of your head! You must commit, you must concentrate all of your energy into one business.

That is what almost every successful person in the word has done. Michael Jordan played basketball...he was the best, Wayne Gretzky played hockey...he was the best, Alexander Karelin was a Greco roman wrestler...he was god of wrestling, Ralph Lauren...designer, Donald Trump...real estate, BillGates...software and the list goes on and on.

A successful person is known for one thing, not a hundred different things. Do you see the pattern? It is only when you commit yourself fully to a business that it will reward you with the money you want. If you flirt around with other ways of making money and spend little time on your business it will give you what you deserve, ZERO.

Thinking of new ways to make money while starting a business is like cheating on your girlfriend; it's not going to work out. If you are thinking of all kinds of ways to make money, stop it. Focus on eBay. Diversifying your thoughts is counterproductive. You need to focus your thoughts, focus your energy and focus your efforts on eBay.

This applies to everything in life; you can't read when you are distracted, you can't write unless you are focused, you can't do anything right unless you are concentrating. When you can't do something right, haven't you ever said to yourself "concentrate, concentrate!"

eBay can make you rich, eBay is an opportunity of a lifetime and you are literally days away from making money on eBay. So why would you think about something else? Everything else is just a distraction. That is what those new "ideas" in your head are... they are distractions, they are excuses, and they will be the reason you fail.

The same goes for other eBay or money making books. At this point they are simply distractions and excuses to put off getting started a little bit longer. You must commit yourself to this book and the ideas it teaches you, the same way you must commit to your business.

If you read another book right now it will only confuse you, distract you and derail your chances of success. This book has all you need and eBay will let you afford anything you want.

eBay is not a dream, it is reality and it is closer and more realistic than you think. Thousands of people are making the kind of money on eBay that a doctor wouldn't dream of making. As you read this book there are high school kids making more money than both of their parents combined, and going to school at the same time.

There are house wives, husbands, grandmothers, brothers, mothers, fathers, policemen, clowns and pretty much any kind of person you can think of making a full time salary working part time hours… on eBay.

This is real, it is as real as it gets. eBay is not a get rich quick scam, a distant fantasy, or something only a certain kind of person can do. It something everyone can do as long as they actually choose to do it. Why don't you go to eBay and browse around through the listings. You will come across countless sellers that are making the kind of money you dream of.

Are these people smarter than you, wiser than you, or better than you? No, they are just like you. They are everyday people you pass by on the street. They are nothing special and the only reason they are becoming rich is because they decided to take action.

All of this may sound like I’m asking a lot, but that is just the way it sounds. I know I am asking you for commitment, hard work, energy, focus, total abandonment of other ideas etc. This is what you have to do in order to succeed, there is no way around it and if you consider what you will be getting in return it is worth everything I ask of you a million times over.

Did you forget the kind of money you could be making in a few short months if you commit yourself to selling on eBay? You can be making tens of thousands of dollars per month, you will finally be able to buy everything you have always wanted and most importantly you can be free to live your life without having to worry about money.

This is your life we are talking about, don't you think it's worth it? Did you forget that eBay is one of the easiest businesses out there to be successful at? That is why so many people are doing it. It's because an eBay business is more simple, easier to run and more profitable than a conventional business.

So when I ask you for your commitment, effort, energy, focus etc. don't worry; I am not asking you to commit your whole life to selling on eBay. In the big picture, eBay does not require a lot of time, effort and energy in comparison to other businesses.

If you put 100% into making your eBay business successful... success will come faster than you may think. While there is a lot of information in this book to take in at one time, the basics of becoming successful on eBay are simple.

Find a product, list it, collect payment, send product to customer, repeat. Making money on eBay is not rocket science, it is actually quite simple. You just have to take it one step at a time. Remember how many steps it takes to double $1,000 into $1,000,000? It takes only 10 steps, but you must take it one step at a time.

You can't make $1,000,000 unless you make $500,000 first, and you can't make $500,000 unless you make $250,000, etc. You must take it one step at a time, don't try to make a million dollars right off the bat, make $20 first. Just start selling and gradually applying everything you learned in this book. Your business doesn't have to be perfect right from the start.

The most important thing is that you actually have a business to improve upon. So don't worry if you’re still a little confused about how it all works. Just start selling, take it one step at a time and apply everything you learned in this book as you go along; not all at the same time.

Take it one step at a time, concentrate all of your energy on the step you are on, and move on to the next step only when you are completely done with the one before it. Can you lift 1,000 pounds? Of course you can: 100 pounds at a time! If you can’t lift 100 pounds then you can lift 10 pounds…

Step by step, pound by pound you will eventually reach 1,000. Why not take the same approach when trying to make money? The last thing I want to say is whatever your dreams are, whatever you want to own or possess in life, I am positive that eBay can help you acquire those things.

This is not a dream, it is not a get rich quick scheme, and there is no catch. You can either start making money and take steps towards making your dreams a reality or go back to living the way you do now and make the best of it, either way…