eBay Cash! - Best Time To List

The time you list your auctions can have a big effect on the number of bids your auction receives and the closing price of your auctions. The time when your auction usually gets the most bids is near the end. If you have listed an auction for 7 days, the whole seven days have been building up to the end of the auction.

The end is when the last minute bidding begins, bidders desperately try to out bid one another to win the auction. The end of your auction is also when it gets the most traffic because the less time your auction has left the higher it places in the search results of someone that is looking for items similar to yours.

So what is the best time to list? A better question would be, when is the best time for an auction to close? In general, the best time for an auction to close is in the evenings and on weekends. Why? Because that is when most people are home!

You want to make sure that when your auction is closing, everyone that is bidding on it or is interested in bidding on it is free to do so. What would happen if your auction closes at 9 am on a Monday morning? Everyone would be either sleeping or going to work and no one would have the time or energy to place any bids.

The mornings are also the times that the eBay website gets the least visitors (they are sleeping or working). So even though your auction would be ending and showing up high on search results; barely anyone would come across it. You need to make your auction end at the bidder's convenience, in other words when the bidder is home and surfing the internet...in the evening or weekend.

How important is it to end your auctions when everyone is home and on their computer? Studies have shown that a listing that ends at peak hours can attract up to 25% more bids than one that has a poorly timed ending. This is something you should definitely look into because simply listing your auctions at certain times is probably the easiest and most effortless ways to attract more bids and make hire profits.

So if you want to increase your profits, you should have your auctions end at anywhere from 8 pm 11 pm in the evening or on weekends. In other words: your auctions should end when everyone is home and has a chance to place a bid.

There are a few exceptions. For example, some business products sell best during weekdays and during work hours. This because people are ordering those type of products from their computers at work. I highly recommend checking out Andale’s research tools (www.andale.com).

There is a small monthly fee to use their research utilities, but you won’t need to subscribe for more than a month (although it would probably still be worth it). That’s because you can research your products one time before you start selling them and then you’ll be well informed going into the game. You will be able to see exactly what the best strategies are for listing time, titles, prices, and other details for your particular product.

Andale’s research tools are a valuable resource for getting information.