eBay Cash! - The BIG 3

The big 3! These are the 3 most important things your listing should have! These are the 3 things that will make you big money and make your listings into ruthless super-listing that rob the competition of their customers. What are the big 3? They are desire, comfort and convenience.

When you were reading about item descriptions, photos, guarantees, shipping information, payment information, and graphics you probably noticed that the big 3 were mentioned quite a few times. Yes this ebook is very repetitive and it’s repetitive for a purpose! It is because the big 3 are BIG when it comes to making people buy.

So, when you are creating a listing keep the big 3 in mind... Desire is the reason people click on your listing in the first place. They want what you are selling, they have a desire to own the item you put up for auction. The bigger the desire a person has the more likely they are to buy from you.

A person that visits your listing already comes with desire, your goal should be to grow that desire, to give your visitor every reason why he/she should buy the product you are selling from you. This is why you need a detailed item description that excites your visitor, and gives him/her every reason to buy the product.

These reasons will appear in the form of the products features and functions explained in an exciting and flattering manner. High quality photos that compliment the best features of a product can take the visitor to another world, a word of day dreaming about the product he/she is about to buy.

This is why it is important to take good photos, because if the photograph is of bad quality it will be much harder to imagine it in your hands. Bad photographs can also make the product seem less valuable that it really is, and take away the desire of the visitor.

You need to create value, you need to make the product look like a million bucks and you can't do that with bad photos. Your goal is to grow your visitor's desire to own the product as much as possible. To do this you need to make the product look, sound and even feel the best it can.

You can accomplish this with a detailed and complementing item description and high quality photographs that make the product look great. Comfort is an extremely important part of your listing. You need to make your visitors feel comfortable and take away any doubts they may have about buying from you.

If you're listing makes people uncomfortable because it is confusing, difficult to read and doesn't include enough information, you are in big trouble.

You don't want confusion, difficulty and lack of information to be associated with your listing, because those are all negative things that scare away visitors. If your listing makes people uncomfortable, they will begin to have serious doubts about buying from you, one doubt is often enough to make a visitor click the back button, doubts will scare them away for good.

You might as well include a link to your competition. You need to make your visitors feel as comfortable as they possibly can. You can accomplish this with a detailed description that leaves no questions unanswered and clear photos that show the product from every side.

This will familiarize the visitor with the object of their desire and take away any doubts they may have about what it is exactly that they are buying. Offering different payment options gives the visitor some control over the buying process, and so do different shipping options.

Being in control is very comfortable, that is why you need to let the customer be in charge of as many parts of the buying process as possible. Being in control will take away doubts as well, because the customer's doubts are not about whether or not he/she is cable of payment or holding his/hers end of the deal.

The doubts are about you and whether you will deliver as promised. The more they control the less you can do wrong. The ultimate crusher of doubts and uncomfortable feelings is the guarantee, the 100% money back guarantee. If the visitor has any doubts left about buying from you, they will be taken away by the guarantee; because with your great guarantee, there is nothing to lose.

If the customer's worst dreams come true after he/she buys the product, they can still get their money back. People are extremely comfortable with buying things when they know that if there is anything wrong with the item, they can get their money back. Convenience is part of making the customer feel comfortable.

You need to make the buying process as convenient and easy for the customer as possible. Convenience is a big reason why people buy things off of eBay, because it's easy. You're a couple of mouse clicks away and you don't even have to leave the house. So don't make it difficult and confusing for the customer to buy from you.

Remember, buying off the internet is supposed to be easy, simple and convenient. Not difficult, confusing and inconvenient. Don't make it a hassle for the customer to pay you buy offering only one payment option. Be sure to have several payment options; not just Paypal. And remember to let the customer choose the speed at which the item will be shipped to him/her (standard, priority, express).

Make the actual buying process as easy as possible for the customer, don't make it a journey. You don't want the customer giving up half way through. I t is extremely easy to make the buying presses easy for your customers. A simple listing, payment choices and shipping choices and going to do the trick. That is extremely easy, it's not this easy in other kinds of businesses.

Big companies spent hundreds of millions of dollars to make their products and services more convenient and all you have to do is make an easy to read listing and offer shipping and payment options...that's easy! Convenience is big, no one want a hassle, that's why remote controls and cell phone were invented. No really, can you imagine buying a TV that doesn't come with a remote control!?