eBay Cash! - The Definitive Guide To Making Killer Money on eBay

Most people will do almost anything if the price is right. People will kill one another, betray one another and steal for money. If a stranger were offered 10 million dollars to kill you, there is a chance they would take it. I am not saying this to offend you, I am saying it because it is a statistical fact.

1 in 14 people say they would kill a person for 10 million dollars or more. Think of the life 10 million can buy you. You would be able to afford anything you have ever wanted and would never have to work again. And besides the person you would be killing probably deserves it anyway, right? “Get rich or die trying!”

So why it is that people will do almost anything if the price is right? It is because even though money can't make you happy, it can definitely help. Think of all of the problems you are having right now, could money solve these problems? Could 10 million dollars make your dreams a reality, could that kind of money give you the life you have always wanted? For most of us money is the answer to all of our problems.

And that is why most people would do anything if they were offered the chance to become a millionaire...it's a chance at their dream life. But in my opinion the scariest thing that people will do for money is waste their life by putting their lives and dreams on hold for a job.

Almost everyone you see around you when you are in a public place is wasting their own life for a couple of thousand dollars a month. I can somewhat understand killing someone for 10 million dollars (I’m not saying I think it’s OK, just that I understand the concept), but wasting your whole life for a couple of thousand dollars a month seems insane to me.

What does your life mean to you? Is it important? Almost everybody will answer "YES!" to that question. But I can prove almost everyone wrong. If your life is important, than why does it take a backseat to money? Why do you ignore your dreams for a tiny monthly paycheck?

Why do you voluntarily agree to become a slave to your boss? And if your life is so important to you than why do you rent it out to your employer every single month? I t is quite disturbing to me how little some people's lives are worth to them. I can probably buy someone's life for as little as $3,000 per month.

I can make someone commit over 12 hours a day to whatever I tell them, I can make them work on weekends, put their job before their family and I can make them say bad things about their friends if they are competing for the same job. I can do all of this by hiring someone.

Besides the ridiculous things people will do for money the things most people are not willing to do are simply insane! If kill, steal, cheat, lie, betray and waste their life are some of the thing people will do for money…then the stuff most people are not willing to do must be truly horrible! No, actually the stuff most people aren't willing to do for money is great, the stuff most people won't do for money is actually what they should be doing in the first place.

If someone came up to you and said "here is 10 million dollars, this will be yours if you can earn it" and left. Would you be interested? Would you start to think of ways to earn that money? Yes, you probably would, but you would stop thinking after a couple of days and give up.

Because the one thing most people are not willing to do for money is think for themselves. The only way most people are willing to make money is if someone tells them what to do and pays them for doing it. The problem with this is, most people spend their whole life making someone else richer and all they get in return is a small fraction of that person's money!

If you have a job, it is a sure bet that the person that pays you doesn't have your best interest in mind. But when you work for someone else you can spend your whole life looking after that person’s best interests. Doesn't that make you mad? It makes me very mad because I'm under the impression that slavery was abolished a long time ago!

What you need to do is what most people won’t, look after your own interests by thinking for yourself. Stop ignoring your dreams, you and I both know that what you dream about would cost a lot more than you will ever be able to afford if you keep going the way you're going right now.

If you don't look after your best interests...no one else will. What does your dream house look like? It is probably a gigantic castle, somewhere on the beaches of the Mediterranean and it is probably surrounded by beautiful palm trees. What is your dream car? I bet it's not a Toyota Camry, it's probably a Ferrari or Porsche.

What do you want to devote your life to? Probably something you love doing, it could be traveling, fixing up old cars, exploring the ocean or raising animals. But whatever it is that you want to devote your life to, I am 100% sure that it is not some crappy job.

Now ask yourself, can I afford to own and do everything I dream of if I keep doing what I am doing? No? Exactly. That is why you need to think for yourself and work towards making your dreams a reality.

And by dreams I mean your real dreams not those fake "realistic" dreams you have adapted. So what does all of this have to do with eBay? It has everything to with eBay, because eBay is a real chance to turn your dreams into reality!

eBay is not a dream, it is not a lottery ticket or a get rich quick scam and it is not something that is out of reach. It is a real possibility to make all of your dreams a reality and finally start living the life you have always wanted.

So read and learn because this book could teach you to do something that can change your life.

PART 1: Getting Started

  • What to Sell and Where to Get It
  • The Products
  • Expensive Products
  • How and Where To Find Suppliers (high end)
  • Average and Low Priced Products
  • How and Where To Find Suppliers (low end)
  • Becoming A Supplier
  • New Products
  • Used Products
  • Refurbished Products
  • Make Money When You
  • Buy Some Good Supplier Sources

PART 2: Selling

  • Listing Title
  • The Listing
  • eBay Stores
  • About Me Page
  • The BIG 3
  • Starting Prices
  • Best Time To List
    Repeat Customers
  • International Marketplace
  • Selling Overview

PART 3: Making it Work

  • Saving Time
  • Making Money
  • Increase Profits by Decreasing Expenses
  • Investing Back Into Your Business
  • Before You Get Started
  • Resources