eBay Cash! - Expensive Products

Expensive products advantages:

  • If you sell expensive products you will make more money with less work. That is the biggest and most obvious advantage of selling high ticket items. You do not need a hundred sales a day, all you will need is a few and you have made your money. The fewer items you sell the less work you have to do.
  • You don't need to answer hundreds of emails, pack hundreds of items and ship hundreds of items. Less work more money, selling expensive products is great.
  • When you sell expensive items you have less competition. High ticket items are much harder to find than average and low priced ones. So naturally most people simply sell stuff that is easy to find, cheap stuff. If you are going to sell things like computers, plasma TV's or Rolex watches you don't need to worry about a ton of competition because most people are lazy and won’t bother investing their time, effort and money looking for a supplier.

Expensive products disadvantages:

  • Expensive products can be a lot harder to find than cheap ones. If you want to sell Rolex watches, you won't be able to find a supplier by simply typing "Rolex wholesaler" into a search engine.
  • Expensive items are expensive! If you want to sell high ticket items you will need to invest some money and I don't mean $100. Or you can always use OPM!
  • The disadvantages above are really advantages in disguise because the people who are willing to work and invest money into their business in the beginning are the ones that are going to be rewarded the most. Not everyone wants to actually work. Most people want to simply list auctions and have the product drop shipped to their customers. Those who put in some work and money will be greatly rewarded.