eBay Cash! - How and where to find suppliers (High end items)

Before I tell you how and where to get products to sell on eBay you must know a few things, this is NOT a wholesale list! I will not provide you with a thousand links to supplier's websites. What I will do is give you the links of B2B websites so you can find the products you want to sell yourself.

First of all I recommend you register your business and get a tax ID or vendors license. This is important because most (not all) suppliers and wholesalers will not sell you their products unless you are a real business. What is a tax ID?

A tax ID allows you to purchase merchandise from a supplier without paying taxes and allows you to collect taxes when you sell the merchandise you bought. You do not have to get a tax ID but it is recommended and will make buying things from wholesalers a lot easier.

Most suppliers have a minimum order quantity which means if you want to buy from them you must buy the minimum amount required or they won't sell you anything. So even when you have your business registered and have a tax ID it doesn't necessarily mean you will be able to start with no money.

To find a supplier, simply go to the yellow pages website: http://www.yellowpages.com and type in wholesale. Click search and you will find a ton of suppliers and wholesalers that might interest you. Just because you are going to sell stuff through the internet doesn't mean you have to do everything else over the internet as well. You can also call suppliers and visit them in person!

If you do not want to register your business or can't afford the minimum order, and your attempt to bribe the sales manager has failed, there are still ways for you to sell the things you want to sell. Get to know someone that already sells the product you are looking to sell.

This is about partnerships, you need a partner that owns or runs a store that sells the products you are looking to sell on eBay. Your goal is to purchase the products you want to sell, from a supplier through your partner's business, leaving your partner with a cut of your profits.

If that sound complicated, let me break it down:

  • Find a store that already sells the products you want to sell on eBay.
  • Talk to the owner and tell them your plan.
  • Tell them that you are looking for a business partner that can supply you with a large quantity of a certain product (the product you want to sell).
  • Tell your future partner that all he/she would have to do is order the products you want and you will pay him a chunk of the profits.

Now when you are talking to your future partner, make sure you "juice up" your business proposition. Tell him/her how much extra income this partnership can make, tell him/her that by ordering an extra amount of products every month might get him a greater bulk discount from his/her supplier.

I am no "expert" in persuasion but I do know that when you are trying to make someone do what you want; you must first give them what they want. So don't talk so much about what you want, instead focus on what he/she will gain by being your supplier/partner.

After you have found a person that can supply you with the products you want all you have to do is tell them how much products you need and your new partner will simply call his/her supplier and order the products for you. I f you can get yourself a partner that owns his/her own store and has access to suppliers that have the product you want.

Your hard work in finding that partner will be greatly rewarded. You will be able to take advantage of your partner's bulk discounts and order small quantities of products at large quantity discounts. Now what you may ask me is; does anyone actually do this? Do people actually become PowerSellers using the method mentioned above? Yes!

This method is commonly used by people who sell expensive watches on the internet. I f you want to sell expensive watches on eBay, it is very hard to manage without either your own watch store or a partner that has one. Most watch companies have large minimum orders and sell only to authorized dealers, to become an authorized dealer is very hard and most stores don't qualify.

I f you are thinking of selling something that is available to anyone with a tax ID and the money to afford the minimum order quantity. The only advantages to using the above method are; you don't need to get a tax ID and you will be able to buy small quantities at bulk discounts.

Like I said before, the advantages of selling high ticket items are great. It does however require some effort to get your hands on those high ticket items you want to sell, but no matter what position you may be in, it is very possible. I do recommend that you register your business; this is a big part of treating your business like a business and being legitimate.

If you do choose to acquire the products you wish to sell through the "back door", I suggest that as soon as you make enough money to do everything yourself, you register your business, get a tax ID and start buying directly from the supplier. Another way you can get your hands on the stuff you want to sell is by making it come to you.

How can you make the products come to you? By running ads in papers and posting in internet forums, say something like "I will buy your stuff". I f you are going to use this method you will need to pick a product that keeps its value very well because you will be buying mostly used products.

So used shoes or electronics will not work (unless they’re collectable), if you are going to use this method you should buy things like jewelry and watches, antiques and other things that can get better with age. Does anyone use this method? Yes!

If you browse around the listings on eBay for high end products like expensive watches or jewelry you will find that a lot of it is used or refurbished. The advantages of buying used products directly from the owner is that you decide how much to pay and people come to you.

One of Eric’s (the co-author of this book) first eBay success stories was when he ran a classified ad in the local paper to buy old Atari video game systems and games. This is a type of item that most people have laying around in the basement or attic, and will never use again.

They’re more than happy to unload it and get a little money for it at the same time. But on eBay it’s a whole new ballgame. There are thousands of people who collect old video games, controllers, and game systems. It was not uncommon for Eric to buy a batch of games for less than a dollar each and turn around to sell them for ten times the price!

This example is just one tiny niche, and there are literally tens of thousands of other niches out there that will work on eBay! By the way, some of you may be wondering why I talk about watches so much. It is because I like watches but more importantly watches are a great product to sell!

Watches are popular, retain their value very well, can cost anywhere from $1 to several hundred thousand dollars and are relatively compact. The shipping on a $100 watch is the same as on a watch that costs $10,000 and it will not take any more space to store 100 twenty dollar watches than it will for 100 thousand dollar watches.