eBay Cash! - How and where to find suppliers (low end)

The best way to find a supplier is to go to: www.yellowpages.com Believe it or not, just because you are looking for a Japanese product you don't have to look for it in Japan.

Yellow-pages is often over looked by people who are trying to get started in eBay because they are swarmed by wholesale list and some people seem to think that just because they are going to sell stuff through the internet they must look for the stuff they want to sell on search engines and communicate with suppliers by email.

Go to www.yellowpages.com, search "wholesale" and call the suppliers you find by phone! Keep in mind that a lot of suppliers will only deal with you if you have a tax ID and your business registered. There are no "tricks" or "secrets" to finding good suppliers, the best suppliers really can be found using yellow-pages.

When looking for suppliers you should keep this in mind a good supplier close to home is better than a great one far away. I f you can find a good supplier close to home and establish a good relationship with them, it can be one of the best things you can do for your business.

Having a good relationship with the people that supply you with the stuff you sell, can get their hands on the stuff you might want to sell and have a wealth of knowledge that is useful to you is a good idea. Now for those of you who absolutely crave more information, don't worry it's coming soon so keep reading.

Now I have covered the advantages and disadvantages of selling high priced products and average to cheap products, it's all pretty standard stuff. Now I'm going to get to the not so standard stuff, the information that can make you big money in a short period of time...even if you have no money of your own to start with!

This is about selling lots of cheap products, with as little transactions as possible. Confidence and belief in yourself is essential and fear is fatal when trying to make money the way I am about to tell you. I will teach you how to do this with very little risk, so please give this a good crack...you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

As you may know a gazillion people buy stuff off eBay every day. Who are these people? They are fathers, mothers, kids using parents credit cards, criminals, business owners, porn stars...you get the picture, and you also probably noticed that business owners are in bold.

Why do I highlight business owners? Because business people, entrepreneurs and anyone looking to buy products and resell them to make a profit are very good customers that will come back and buy from you again and again. Believe it or not people actually buy stuff on eBay, resell it on eBay and make profits!

There are also those who buy products on eBay to resell them on their ecommerce websites or actual stores they may own. A lot of PowerSellers started by buying stuff off of eBay and simply putting it back up for auction. Many people don't believe me when I say you can buy stuff on eBay and resell it on eBay, and make a profit!

Just go to eBay and search for "wholesale lot". Back to Eric’s example with the Atari games. He tried this method one time and it worked great. He bought a huge collection of Atari games off of eBay and turned around and re-listed them on eBay individually and made a big profit.

It’s because the collectors weren’t interested in buying an entire collection, but they are willing to pay a premium for the games they don’t own. You can apply this same principle to any field you specialize in. Anyways, what I am trying to get at is that there are a lot of people looking to buy products on eBay for resale.

Why should you care? Because when people buy stuff for resale they usually buy more than one item and if they accomplish making money with the products they bough from you there is a good chance they will come back and buy from you again.

In other words these people spend lots of money because they know that the more money they spend on products the more money they will make by selling what they bought. So how can you get a piece of the action? Become a supplier!