eBay Cash! - The Listing (Continued-2)


you should offer the customer several different choices of payment. It is better to accept more than one form of payment because it gives the customer a choice, and lets them pay in a way he/she is comfortable with. There are many ways out there to accept payments.

You should try to offer as many of those different ways as you can. Most of your customers will pay you through Paypal, so make sure you get a Paypal account. But not everyone that buys things on eBay prefers Paypal, some may prefer Western union's Bidpay or another payment system.

The more different ways of payment you accept the more people will be able to buy from you. Another one you should definitely sign up for is StormPay because it can be used by people in some countries where Paypal is not used. For your free StormPay account simply go to: www.stormpay.com

By accepting only one method of payment, you are simply pushing away visitors who prefer other payment methods. It makes no sense to accept only one way of payment because you are losing business this way!

You should accept payments by Paypal, Bidpay, StormPay, wire transfer, check and credit card. Some sellers even accept cash! The more forms of payments you accept the more people will be able to pay you. There are sellers out there who don't accept certain ways of payment because they are afraid to be victims of scam artists.

I can certainly understand that...no one wants to be robbed. What these frightened sellers don't realize is that they are being robbed every single day! And the worst part is, they are robbing them selves! I f you are scared to lose a couple of hundred dollars you are not a business person.

If you are willing to lose thousands of dollars just to save a couple of hundred, you are crazy! And that is exactly what some sellers do, they accept payments only through Paypal, and on top of that only from U.S. citizens with confirmed addresses. Wow! I can only imagine how much money these people lose, just to be on the safe side.

Luckily that’s good for you, because you can gain an edge over your competitors be accepting lots of payment methods. There will always be dishonest people out there that try and take advantage of your kindness. But 99% percent of your customers will be good, honest people.

Yes, the more types of payments you accept the more likely you are to be scammed by someone, but it will still be that nasty 1% that's causing all the trouble. Personally, I think it's worth losing a little bit of money to gain a lot of it. If you don't know what I mean by that, I mean: One or two out of 100 people might try and scam you.

Now let's say a seller averages 300 sales per month to 300 different customers. Out of those 300 customers 3 try to scam the sellers. That is 1 out of every 100. Now let's say our friend decides to accept every form of payment imaginable, and as a result he gains an extra 150 customers per month.

With those extra 150 customers he also gets 2 extra theft attempts. Now I'm no math magician, but I would be willing to accept 2 extra scam attempts for an extra 150 sales every time! Sure the seller loses more money to scams by accepting all forms of payments, but he gains a lot more than he loses...a lot more.

I don't know why people are so scared of everything these days. Maybe its terrorism or maybe it's the media....I have no idea. But I do know that if you are going to be scared all your life, it will be hard for you to accomplish anything. So stop always looking at what you might lose and start focusing on what you can gain.

And I assure you, Osama Bin Laden will NOT steal your money. GUARANTEE: You need to make your potential customers feel comfortable, completely safe and take away any fears or doubts they may have about buying from you. A very effective way to accomplish that is to give a 100% money back

guarantee. This is no "secret", nearly every retail store, internet store, manufacturer, PowerSeller does this. And yet a lot of eBay sellers try to avoid it. Some sellers are scared of buyers taking advantage of their money back guarantees, so they either don’t offer one, or they create a huge list of rules and regulations that simply scare people away.

A guarantee's purpose is to take away any fear or doubt people may have about buying from you. Some seller's guarantees do the exact opposite. There are just too many scary rules and stipulations. That's why you need a 100% money back guarantee with no strings attached! The only "string" you need in your 100% money back guarantee is a time limit.

The best time limit to give is a 90 days. Don't worry, most items are returned within the first couple of weeks, so if they haven't returned it in the first 30 day, their most likely keeping it. So why give 90 days instead of 30? Because it sounds better! Would you rather have 30 day guarantee or a 90 day one? 90 days of course.

A 90-day 100% money back guarantee can do wonders for your business. It will take away doubts, fears and uncomfortable feelings of skeptical visitors, and make them choose you over other sellers that have less promising guarantees. I know what some of you may be thinking, but we went over this once before…

You will gain more money that you lose. Sure there might be some people who take advantage of your kindness, use the product for 90 days and return it. But that is inevitable, the only way to completely avoid those nasty people is to never do anything. Stop being so scared, you will gain much more than you lose.