eBay Cash! - The Listing (Continued-3)


If a visitor wishes, they can contact you through eBay's email forwarding system which is fairly easy to find and use. But even though eBay already provides a way of contacting you it doesn't mean you can't make it more easy and convenient for the visitors.

You should include an email address, and ideally a phone number, that people can reach you at in case they want to ask you any questions. The email address you give in the listing should be the same one registered with eBay. As for the phone number, you should get an extra business line that you answer between 12 and 3 or whenever is more convenient for you.

Providing a phone number is a good idea because it makes people feel safer when ordering from you. A phone number is traceable and legitimate, and that makes people feel comfortable. Calling by phone can also be more convenient than email, but that is not the main reason you need to provide a phone number in all your listings.

I f you don't provide any contact information in your listings the visitors won’t even have access to your email address (eBay never gives out your email).

How comfortable would you feel ordering from someone that you have never met before, lives far away, conducts business over the internet and provides you with no ways of contacting him/her? Providing contact information, especially a phone number is more of a comfort than convenience issue. People just feel safer when they know your phone number.


After you finish writing the item description, payment information, shipping information, the guarantee and taking pictures of the product you are going to sell you need to know how to put it all together, you need to how it should all look after it's done.

Because the best content in the world can lose most of its effectiveness when it is presented a wrong way. Here is how to present it the right way: First of all, your listing should be neat and in order. It needs to be presented in a way that is easy to read and understand. Just like your content should be well written and easy to understand, so should your listing.

Don't make the mistake of writing clear and easy to read content only to put it together into a chaotic hard to understand listing. I f your listing confuses your visitors they will simply take their business somewhere else (the competition is only a click away).

Confusion leads to discomfort, if a person feels confused and uncomfortable while looking at your listing they are likely to assume that your service will be the same (confusing, uncomfortable). First impressions are big, and if the first thing a person says when they visit your listing is "huh?" you're in big trouble, because that's when they click the back button on their web browser and go to one of your competitors.

Your listing needs order. Most people's lives are already a mess that they spend trying to figure out all day. Don't make their lives any harder! The people that visit your listings want order, they want things to be simple, convenient, predictable, easy and effortless. Chaotic listings will frustrate people and push them away.

The feeling of discomfort will stay with the visitor as they are deciding whether or not to buy your product, and you definitely don't want that. Your item description should always be at the top of your listing, it is the most important part of your listing because this is what the visitor is looking for...information about the product.

After the item description, the shipping information should follow. The guarantee should be after the shipping and the payment should follow the guarantee. Here is the basic flow of a good listing:

The most important thing is that your item description is right at the top of your listing and the shipping information right below that. As for the guarantee and shipping information, you can either put them side by side with a divider (a dark line) in between them or one after the other in no particular order.

Your photos should be near the item description, either beside, below or on top of it. The photos are part of the description, so they should be close to it, and not somewhere else. Remember that what you are selling is the reason people visit your auctions, so the item should always be in the spot light, with the description and photos at the top of your listing.

Avoid mixing different parts of your listing with one another. This how most listings become confusing, don't talk about shipping or payment options in your item description because those categories should have their own sections and stay in these sections.

I would even go so far as to LABEL each section. For the “shipping info” section, write a big bold “Shipping Info:”, for the payment options write “Payment Options:”, etc. Don't use extremely bright colors that can hurt people's eyes and are hard to see.

I sometimes come across listings written in bright yellow font on a white background. Good grief! I can barely read what the listings say and my eyes hurt from the strain. Arrange your listing so it is viewed from top to bottom, not side to side.

Top to bottom is much neater and more orderly than side to side. Your description and photos should be on the top and everything else should be neatly stacked below. Avoid placing different information (shipping, payment, description etc.) beside each other even if you are planning to place a divider in between.

GRAPHICS can make your listing stand out from the competition, give you an identity and encourage the visitors to place bids. I f you do decide to "beef-up" your listings with professional graphics; make sure you don't go overboard. The product you are selling should always be the center of attention, so avoid using crazy, complicated, flashy graphics that steal attention away from the product you are selling.

In general, words sell products, not graphics. Your graphics should be simple, clean and unique. You do need to stand out from the rest of the sellers out there. You need an identity and that is why your graphics should be somewhat unique. You have probably noticed that many PowerSellers have professionally designed listing graphics. Professional graphics can accomplish several things, some of the things are logical while others are not;