eBay Cash! - The Listing

When your title gets someone's attention and they click on it, they will be taken straight to your listing. Your listing is your sales person, representative, store, website and commercial all in one. The way your listing looks, feels, and reads is very important. A well thought out, descriptive, helpful, simple to navigate, professional looking listing can dramatically increase your number of sales and virtually steal customers from the competition.

It is very easy to have a super listing that is efficient and effective in attracting bidders, and yet so many eBay sellers (including PowerSellers) have boring, unprofessional, inefficient listings. For many PowerSellers, turning their regular, boring and unprofessional listings into super listings would translate into thousands of dollars of extra income per month!

Your listing is what sells your products and it can't be neglected. With the following advice you will be able to create efficient and effective super listings that steal customers from the competition! First let's talk about the contents of your listings:

The product description:

When the potential buyer clicks on your listing, what they want to know is; everything they can about the product they want to buy. The product description is the most important part of your listing. This is what everyone that visits your listing is looking for, more information about the product.

Since it is the most important part of your listing, the product description should be written well. Here are the key ingredients in writing an effective product description...


The more detail you put into your description the better, you need to describe absolutely everything. The color, condition, flaws, features, functions, retail price, dimensions, warranties and anything else anyone clicking on your listing might want to know. You need to be very descriptive.

You need to describe everything about the product a customer might want to know because the person that clicks on your listing will have to decide whether or not to buy what you are selling without seeing the actual item up for auction in person.

Think about it, when you walk into a store you get to touch, feel, inspect and even try out what you are about to buy. When a person bids on one of your auctions, all he/she has to go by is the description and photos in your listing. You have to realize that the more information you provide to your potential buyers about the product you are selling, the more comfortable he/she will be.

You need to make your customers feel comfortable with what they are about to buy. Because the more comfortable a person visiting your listing is, the more likely they are to place a bid. If your listing lacks detail and doesn't answer all of the questions a visitor might have, that visitor is likely to have doubts about buying your product.

Doubt makes people uncomfortable and uncomfortable people are less likely to buy anything from you. Most people hate being uncomfortable and will do anything to avoid being uncomfortable. If your listing makes people uncomfortable they will take their business somewhere else. They will go somewhere where they do feel comfortable, where they are provided with everything they want to know and where every question they have is answered.

They will go to your competition. The more detailed your item description is the less doubt visitors will have about your products, the less doubt a person has the more comfortable they are, the more comfortable they are the more likely they are to buy from you! That is what you want, comfortable people without any doubts placing bids on your auctions!


Your item description should create value. To create value you need to mention every single feature, function and positive aspect of the product you are selling. You must also explain what each feature and function is and why it is GREAT. By listing off and explaining everything possible about the product you are selling, you will create value.

By creating value you are justifying the cost, you are telling the customer exactly what they are paying for. And by explaining every feature and function of your product you are giving reasons for the visitor to buy your product. Why should someone buy a product from you, when they can buy it somewhere else?

Because you are going to give them reasons to buy it, that is what explaining every feature and functions does. Every function and feature is a reason to buy. The more reasons you give the better, by mentioning and explaining everything about the product you can make it seem more valuable that it actually is.

When a person clicks on your listing they already have the desire to purchase the product you are selling. They want what you're selling, why else would they search for it? You have the visitors undivided attention, they clicked on your listing, they have desire to purchase what you are selling, they are ready to buy, they are on the edge of the buying cliff....all you have to do is push them over.

By listing off every feature, function, bonus and positive thing about the product you are selling and explaining why all those things are great you are slowly nudging them off the cliff. With every reason you give, your potential buyer is closer and closer to becoming an actual customer.

With every feature and function you list, you are growing the desire your visitor already has. As I said, the visitors of your listings already have the desire to own what you are selling, they already have many reasons to buy your product implanted in their mind.

You are simply confirming those reasons and perhaps giving them new reasons as well. A powerful technique to build value and grow the desire of your potential buyer is to list every feature and function of the product in point form (bullet points). Right under the main description, you should include a list of bullet points.

By listing everything positive that your product has to offer one by one you can create a wealth of value. Too many sellers assume that everyone that visits their listings already knows everything there is to know about the product, so they write a brief description with no explanations of what all those features and function actually mean.

What they don't know is that they are losing a lot of money in the form of bids. Most of the visitors want more detail, and some get confused after reading their descriptions (if the features of the product have difficult, technical names), the confusion leads to doubts, and doubts lead to feeling uncomfortable.

Even though other sellers might be selling the same thing, their description is much more detailed and informative. The description also gives reasons for buying the product, and builds up its value. So who do you think gets more bids, the guy with the brief description or the guy with the detailed description?

Even if the two sellers are selling the exact same product, the one with the detailed description will seem more valuable. The product with all of those great features and functions explained will seem more valuable in the eyes of the visitor. It will also be associated with the feeling of desire and comfort, while the product with the brief description might bring feelings of confusion, frustration and doubt.


The description needs to be simple, clear and easy to understand. Everyone who visits your listings should be able to understand them. You want to get your message across to everyone that comes across your auction, so make sure you use language that everyone can understand and that your description makes grammatical sense.

Just because you know big words doesn't mean you have to use them! Not everyone has the vocabulary of a college professor and those who do can certainly understand simple language. Your listing needs to be understood by everyone who visits it, if you use big words or uncommon slang you are simply cutting a big chunk out of the number of potential customers that are interested in the stuff you are selling.

Simple and easy is effortless and enjoyable, that is what everyone wants! By making your listing easy to understand you make it a pleasant experience for the visitor. When the visitor clearly understands everything, they feel confident and any doubts they may have had about buying from you begin to diminish.

By making your listing simple, you give the visitor a chance to focus on what you are selling instead of trying to figure out what the heck you're talking about. And that's what you want, you want the visitor to focus on the product being sold, you want them reading the description, looking at the pictures, day dreaming a little bit and than placing a bid.

A confusing and hard to understand listing will frustrate and confuse the visitors. Feelings of frustrations and confusion will lead to doubt. A frustrated, confused visitor full of doubt will not be in the mood for shopping. So please make sure your description is easy to understand, because the last thing you want to do is convert desire and confidence into frustration and doubt.

***Key point: A confused mind never buys!