eBay Cash! - Make Money When You Buy

MAKE MONEY WHEN YOU BUY, this is HUGE! I hear many people tossing the term around carelessly, not really knowing what it means. First of all, you can't make money if you are buying something for your own personal use. You can only save money.

You can only make money when you buy if you are buying something for the purpose of reselling it. So how is it that someone can make money when buying something? Let's say you are about to buy 100 sweaters from a supplier: $10 per sweater, which equals to $1,000 for 100 sweaters.

Let's say the sweaters can be sold on eBay for $15 each, it would look something like this: Bought for: $1,000 Sold for: $1,500 Profit: $500 Now let's make some money when we buy! Before buying the 100 sweaters for $1,000, why don't you try and get the price down a little, maybe to $9 per sweater.

It will only take a few minutes, sometimes just asking will be enough and sometimes you might need to haggle for a half hour. Anyways, let's say you succeed in getting a better deal. You buy the hundred sweaters for $9 each and sell them for $15 each: Bought for; $900 Sold for; $1,500 Profit; $600

Look at that, you made $100 dollars extra in profit just because you decided to make some money when you buy as well as when you sell. What? It's to much bother? You don't want to spend half an hour trying to get $1 of every shirt? If you are actually saying those words, what you are really saying is "its to much bother to make $100 in a half hour" and "I don't want to make $100 in a half hour".

Making money when you buy is a way to increase your profits without raising your prices. Why everyone doesn't do this is a mystery to me. In the example I provided, you learned how you can make $100 when buying a wholesale lot. If you are planning to be a PowerSeller, you will be making a lot more than a $100.

If you are a PowerSeller, you may be selling 500 sweaters per month. In the previous example, you were able to make an extra $100 of profit for 100 sweaters sold. If you sell 500 sweaters per month, which means you will be making an extra $500 per month just because you haggled for a half hour, an extra $500 per month, $6000 per year....all in a half an hour....don't you think its worth it?

ALWAYS ORDER SAMPLES if you don't have a chance to inspect and see the products you are ordering in person. Many people that are starting out on eBay make the mistake of placing a big order before actually seeing what they are ordering.

By ordering samples you will be able to not only see the quality of the products you are ordering but the service, communication and legitimacy of the company you are ordering from. There are way too many scammers out there, especially on the internet.

Some websites may have clear pictures of the products they are selling, don't make the mistake of assuming that the pictures on their website are actual pictures of the products you are ordering. I f you are thinking of selling designer clothing on eBay, be extra careful when ordering your supplies from the internet.

There is way too much fake (counterfeit) clothing being sold on the internet. Remember the pictures on the supplier's website may look real, but that doesn't mean they will be sending you what's in the picture. Once again, order samples! If you don't you are begging to get ripped off.

If the person you are buying from won't allow you to order a sample, simply stop communicating with that person before they have the chance to take advantage of you. Some "suppliers" actually have the nerve to have $5,000 - $10,000 minimum order quantities and not allow their future customers to order samples.

But that's not all; a lot of these idiots will also want you to pay by wire-transfer! So please, if you find a great deal but the "supplier" won't allow any sample orders and wants you to pay through an untraceable method, do NOT continue to communicate with the idiot.

People like that are simply looking to rip others off and a lot of these sorry losers have their local authorities looking for them. Now here are some B2B websites and other places where you can find stuff to sell: www.yellowpages.com I recommend you try this before you try anything else.

This is the best way to find suppliers in your area and you can do it over the internet! This website will find you suppliers in your area, give you their addresses and phone #'s and even shows you where they are located on a map. When searching try key words like overstock, closeout, liquidation, salvage, auction, surplus, refurbished, refurb, wholesale, supplier and other similar words.

Below is a small list of website directories that are full of suppliers from all over the world. Using the websites bellow you will be able to find suppliers for hundreds of thousands of products. These are the websites that wholesale-list sellers get all their information from, now you will have the ability to access that information anytime you want for free.