eBay Cash! - Making Money (Continue)

Here is an example of the steps you can take begin the process of becoming a successful eBay seller:

Step 1: Get the easy stuff out of the way. Set up an eBay account, a Paypal account, new email address and a StormPay account. This can all be done in less than 1 hour, so there is no need to put off something so easy to do. Just get it out of the way as soon as possible so there is less stuff in the back of your head when you are trying to complete a more difficult step. When completed move on to step 2

Step 2: Set up a home business office. Get organized by setting up a work station in your home. Get some not books to write stuff down, some pens to write with, a phone to call people with etc. Oh and speaking of phones, you might want to set up business line with an answering machine so people won’t call you at your home number when you are watching a movie or cooking a chicken (or something like that). When completed move on to step 3

Step 3: decide what product you are going to sell. Pick a few products that you might like to sell and research how well each one sells on eBay, than choose the one that seems best. When completed move on to step 4

Step 4: Find the supplier. Look for a supplier that can supply you the products you want to sell. Try to find more than one supplier if possible to get the best deal you can. This is the biggest step because once you find a supplier you can start selling and making money!

Those 4 steps are in no particular order, they are just an example and if you wish to follow these steps you can. You can also make your own set of steps to follow and complete them one by one. If you set a goal and set out to accomplish it step by step, giving 100% of your effort to each step, in a way you will be giving 1000%!!

How? If you set a goal and it takes you 10 steps to reach that goal. By giving 100% to each of the 10 steps will equal up to 1000%. OK the math is a little fuzzy but the principle is very true. If you set a goal and try to complete several steps at a time you will only be giving a small fraction of your effort to each step. So get out there, set a goal, set out to achieve it one step at a time and give it 100% of your effort!

Keeping the money you make: I'm sure you have all kinds of plans for the money you are going to make on eBay. You have probably been fantasizing about new cars, houses and worldly adventures. That stuff is all great, those are your dreams and in my opinion money is meant to be enjoyed, not locked away in a safe.

But what if nearly all of the money you make has to be spent on things like bills and expenses? Unless your dream is to pay extremely large bills, that would not be a very pleasant experience. What if nearly all of the money you make was gone before you can spend it? I'm sure you would hate for that to happen, but it happens to people like you every day, and it might even be happening to you as you read this book.

How can it be happening to you as you read this book? How can most of the money you make be taken away from you before you get a chance to spend it? To answer those questions let me ask you a few questions first...

What is your monthly income? Ok, write that figure down. Now write down all of your monthly expenses (rent, mortgage, car, gas, food, electricity etc.). Now add up all of the expenses and subtract them from your income. Chances are, more than half of the money you make disappears! The important part about money is how much of it you keep and not how much you make.