eBay Cash! - Making Money

Throughout this book I have been saying that you can make a lot of money one eBay, but I have never really explained how much "a lot" really is. I am sure you have your own idea of what a lot means, and I'm sure you already have a desire to reach a certain amount of monthly income.

What I'm not sure about is whether or not you have doubts about your desires. Maybe you think that it is "not realistic" to make the kind of money you want to make. If you do have doubts, I can certainly understand why.

You are about to do something new, something you or your friends have never done before and on top of all that you are probably doing it alone. You have probably told several people about what you plan to do and you might have gotten a negative response.

Someone probably said something discouraging like "you’re crazy" or "why don't you get a real job". I definitely understand where you are coming from because I went through the same things many times. Don't worry; you're not alone! First of all: only you can determine what is possible and what is realistic for you.

Only you can decide whether you can or can not do something, so stop asking other people for their opinion. I understand that it can be extremely tempting to tell everyone about your plans when you are excited about something. It is human nature, after doing something people automatically seek approval.

But please resist the temptation, because more often than not people will choose to give you every reason why you can't do what you want to do instead of encouraging you. Ironically, friends and family members are notorious for this. If you must tell someone, you should try talking to someone with an open mind.

If you have doubts about the kind of money you can make on eBay, you are probably aiming too low. You are playing it safe in order to avoid disappointment.

So what I'm am going to try and do is erase all of those doubts you may have by telling you exactly the kind of money you can be making if you choose to apply the things you learn in this book, and the kind of money PowerSellers are making right now as you read this paragraph.

Since I don't know how much money you would like to make by selling on eBay, let me give you an example...

Let's assume that you want to make $6,000 per month but don't want to work more than 3 hours per day. This is what you would have to do to achieve a monthly income of $6,000 per month working no more than 3 hours per day;

If you find a product that can make you $100 dollars in profit per sale, all you will have to do to achieve a monthly income of $6,000 is sell 3 products per day...

$100 x 3 sales x 20 days = $6,000 Can you sell 3 products per day? Are there other sellers that do this? Yes you can and yes there are!

Not only will you be making $6,000 per month, but you will be doing it in 3 hours per day! Which means you will be making $100 per hour. What if you choose to work on the weekends and list auctions that close one Saturday and Sunday as well as weekdays?

$100 x 3 sales x 30 days = $9,000

WOW that's great! But how realistic is this? Very realistic. It almost sounds too good to be true doesn't it? And that is exactly the reason some people choose to pass on the opportunity of making money on eBay...It sounds like a get rich quick scam.

What you must realize is that eBay is a legitimate way to make money, it is no less a "real business" than a convenience store or a construction company. eBay is an absolute GOLDMINE! There has never been an opportunity to make a living from home as big as eBay. While some people are being skeptical and stalling on getting started with eBay, others are making a fortune and turning all of their dreams into reality.

Let's look at another example...

Selling three $100 products per day will usually take you less than 3 hours per day, but other things will come up (supply shortages, to many questions, laziness etc.) so lets just say it does take 3 hours per day. Now let's say you want to work a lot more than 3 hours per day. You are willing to work 8 hours if you can make more money. And let's say you really try hard to work on your business and make it efficient and easy to run, and you are able to sell an average of 10 products per day;

$100 x 10 sales x 20 days = $20,000

Hmmm, isn't it worth going through the trouble to work on your business, apply what you have learned and find a good product to sell? For $20,000 per month I think it is, don't you agree? Oh and by the way, in case you didn't know. That's $20,000 in profits not just sales!

Isn't that amazing?

But before you reach a monthly income of $20,000, you must reach $100, $300, $1000 etc. It's very hard to start making that kind of money right off the bat. You must gradually get to that level step by step. Don't get me wrong, if you truly think that you can make $20,000 your first month on eBay, that's GREAT! Let me be the first to say good luck.

Many people have done it, and rest assured that it is extremely possible to make that kind of money in your first month. It’s not typical to build that large of an income quite that quickly though. It all depends on how bad you want it and how hard you work. Who knows, you might even make more than $20,000.

But if you are like most people it is going to take some time before you can quit your job, focus and make eBay your primary source of income. You will need to take small steps instead of one giant leap. But that's ok because it doesn't take a lot of steps to achieve eBay success. All you have to do is set goals and try your best to accomplish those goals one by one.

I will mention that the moment you quit your day job and go full time from home on eBay is probably the single biggest step in your eBay venture. Many people are too afraid to ever take that leap of faith. They don’t want it to be a leap of faith…they wait until their eBay income is exceeding their current take-home pay from their day job.

Here’s the thing… The moment you quit your job and focus full time on eBay, your business will probably explode into a whole new level of profit. This is especially if you’re a go-getter type of person who thrives in sink-or-swim situations. If you’re that type of person, I encourage you: take the leap now! Don’t wait.

As soon as you’ve gotten through the planning stage, quit your job ASAP and put your passion into creating a profitable eBay business.

NOTE: The calculations in this book are here as examples. However, it really is possible to accomplish the kind of money provided in these examples. It simply depends on how hard you work and how focused you stay to achieve your goals.

Step by step: step by step means taking it one step at a time, not 2 steps at a time, not 3, but 1. Step by step means that you must complete step 1 before you can move onto step 2. You can't skip steps, you can't do step 1 and 2 at the same time.

This is very important because if you decide to do something step by step you must take it one step at a time. If you don't, the step by step method is not going to work for you...

Could you turn $1000 into a million? No, but you could turn it into $2,000
Could you turn $2,000 into a million? No, but you could turn it into $4,000
Could you turn $4,000 into a million? No, but you could turn it into $8,000
Could you turn $8,000 into a million? No, but you could turn it into $16,000
Could you turn $16,000 into a million? No, but you could turn it into $32,000
Could you turn $32,000 into a million? No, but you could turn it into $64,000
Could you turn $64,000 into a million? No, but you could turn it into $128,000
Could you turn $128,000 into a million? No, but you could turn it into $256,000
Could you turn $256,000 into a million? No, but you could turn it into $512,000
Could you turn $512,000 into a million? Yes, you can turn it into $1,024,000

Do you see that? It takes only 10 steps to turn $1000 into a million! There would be almost no way for you to turn $1000 into a million, but if you took it one step at a time it can be done in 10 steps simply by doubling the amount of money you have every step of the way.

If you are starting your eBay business from scratch, you will have a lot of stuff to do before you can start to make money. Oh and by "a lot" I mean a lot by eBay standards which is not that much by "normal business" standards.

You will need to set up a home office, get an eBay account, decide what product(s) you are going to sell, and find a supplier for those products. (On the other hand if you were setting up a brick-and-mortar store, there would be dozens, if not hundreds, of additional steps before you could actually sell your first item and start making money.)

If you try and tackle all of those things at the same time you won't get anywhere. It is very hard to do several things at the same time, and if you only have 3 hours a day you will end up spending a very small amount of time and energy on every individual thing that needs to get done.

If you devote 25% of your energy to finding a good supplier you might not find one for a couple of months. If you devote 25% of your energy to developing a good repeat customer marketing strategy, it will never get done, and if it does it won’t be any good. If you devote only a fraction of your time and energy in to things that deserve your undivided attention, it will take you a very long time to get off the ground.

What you need to do is tackle one task at a time, take one step at a time, and reach one goal at a time. You need to put 100% of your energy into every step you take, don't even think about the next step! All you should be focusing on is the step you are on and until that step is out of the way nothing else matters.

Think about when you have a bunch of stuff to do around the house. Like clean the floor, clean the washroom, put your CD's in alphabetical order and then make yourself a sandwich. Do you try and tackle all of those tasks at the same time, or one by one?

Do you clean a part of the floor, than go to the kitchen and take out the salami, than go to the washroom and clean the toilet, go back to the kitchen take out the bread, back to the washroom and clean the bathtub, than on to the living room to sort out a part of the CD's etc.? That would be kind of crazy wouldn't it?

What you and 99% percent of the people out there would do is finish each task one by one until everything is done. So why not apply the same logic to becoming a successful eBay seller? Why not do one thing at a time, take one step at a time, and focus on one thing at a time instead of a bunch?

Because for some reason people choose to tackle one thing at a time only when the tasks are small, when the tasks are big and time consuming most of us seem to prefer doing everything little by little all at the same time.

Let’s take it STEP-BY-STEP, let’s set one goal at a time and not set any more goals until the first goal is reached and let’s put 100% of our attention, energy and effort into every step we take.