eBay Cash! - PART3: Making it Work

Efficient: Acting or producing effectively with a minimum of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort. REMEMBER THAT WORD AND WHAT IT MEANS!

Do you want to work 12 hours a day? Do want to run a complicated, disorganized and unprofitable business? Do you want to end up earning less than minimum wage with your eBay business? Do you want to not have any time to do anything except answer emails, package and ship products, list auctions, and try to keep track of everything?

If you said NO to the following questions then the last part of this book is definitely for you. A question you might want to ask me is, "who would actually say yes to all of those questions?" Nobody, but regardless of everyone's answer is to the questions above, many end up with a horrible job rather than a profitable eBay business.

There are PowerSellers out there who work 10-14 hours per day (sometimes 7 days per week). Some of these PowerSellers barely make enough to cover their monthly living expenses and some, amazingly, are not willing to change their ways.

What’s the point of making lots of money if you don’t have time to enjoy it, or enjoy more important things like family and friends. Most of us start with the clear goal in mind of achieving financial independence so we can spend more time doing the things we love, but those goals often give way to workaholism and greediness.

This part of the book will provide you with ways to shave hours off of your work day, make your business more efficient and profitable, have spare time to do things you like and make your business work for you. This part of the book will not only give instructions, but raise questions about what needs to be done.

Not everything will be explained step by step. I have done my best to make sure the following information is as clear and understandable as possible. I have also given many reasons why you should follow the advice given and the best way to start applying the advice to your business. Here we go, let's get to it, lets start the learning...

Business evolution: there is a common, costly mistake most eBay sellers make. They get comfortable and stop expanding their business. This is an extremely costly mistake especially when you consider how soon some sellers stop the growth and expansion of their eBay business.

This is not an uncommon mistake, almost all small businesses choose to slow down and get comfortable once they accomplish a certain level of success. The problem is most people get satisfied too soon. The first thing you must do in order to avoid the costly mistake of early satisfaction is change your mindset and the way you view your eBay business. You must treat your business as your business, NOT A JOB.

Get that employee mindset out of your head, you are now an entrepreneur. You must now work not only in your business, but on your business as well. Working on your business is exactly what you must do, in order to turn it in to an efficient, profitable and easy to run business.

This is the best way to increase the efficiency of your business, make more money and work less all at the same time. Remember, work on your business instead of in it. You must learn to place your energy where it is most efficient: instead of wasting all of your energy trying to run an unorganized and inefficient business, spend your energy on fixing, improving and making the business more profitable.

Instead of following a flawed system and working 10 hours a day, spend 10 hours fixing and correcting the system and shortening your work day. It is more efficient and profitable to invest your energy in improving your business as opposed to simply working harder.

In case you don't quite understand what I mean by working on your business instead of in it... Working IN your business: the actual packing, shipping and listing of items, answering emails, keeping track of payments etc. This is all work you do in your business.

Working ON your business: figuring out ways on how to save time, searching for cheaper shipping supplies, developing an easier way to keep track of payments, thinking up ways to decrease the number of emails you get per day etc. This is working on your business.

Instead of working more to make more money, work on making more money in less time. Instead of working harder with a flawed tool (your business), work on improving the tool so it is easier to use. Instead of putting more effort into an inefficient business, put your effort in making the business efficient.

Instead of working hard in your business, work hard on making your business work hard for you etc. Do you know that feeling when you are about to do something new and exciting? That uncomfortable feeling of doing something you have never done before? Well you’ve got to feel that way all the time.

Don't get comfortable, keep growing, expanding and evolving your business. Keep doing new and exciting stuff. Once most sellers reach PowerSeller status or reach a certain income level, they get comfortable and stay at that level. What happens to the people that don't get comfortable, that don't get satisfaction? They keep growing their business, and some of them become millionaires, hire employees and buy Ferraris!

The eBay sellers that reach platinum PowerSeller status never stop working on their business and expanding it, they never stop. That is what you need to do. You need to keep working on your business, growing it with every month. Once you have made some money, invest it back into the business.

Start selling more expensive products, hire a graphics designer to design your listings and eBay store, improve your repeat customer marketing program. Don't stop until you make your dreams come true. I understand you might not want to make eBay a major part of your life, but what you have to understand is eBay can give you the life you always wanted.

Many people have become millionaires by selling on eBay and now they are living their dream lives, doing what they always wanted to do. If they can do it, so can you! Just keep growing your business, take steps, set goals for yourself. Make it a goal to increase sales by 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% per month until you reach your main goal.

If you just want some extra income, oh lets say an extra $500 per month, you are aiming to low. Your goals aren't big enough. But than again, once you accomplish an income of $500 you will probably want more, it's just a matter how much more money you want.

A lot of PowerSellers never planned to be PowerSellers, but after they sold a couple of items and saw the profits they made, they realized that eBay is truly an opportunity of a lifetime and they knew what they had to do. You have bought this book because you are interested in becoming a PowerSeller, you are interested in learning and that is why you now have a head start.

You are not starting from zero, you do not have to go through months of frustration. And you are armed with knowledge that can take several years to obtain in the school of hard knocks. So remember, work on your business. Your business is a money making machine, so tune it, make it better, fix it up, work on it and make it more efficient.

You must also keep growing your business. Don't stop just because you feel comfortable where you are or you are satisfied with the money you are making. Keep expanding, keep growing, keep improving and keep making more and more money.

As you begin to sell on eBay and gain experience, you will probably think of tons of ways to improve your business. But right now you are probably short on ideas and experience. And that's what this book is for! You are probably dying to find out exactly how you can make your business efficient, save tons of time, etc.

Keep reading and you will learn some truly valuable stuff. But remember, this book could not even begin to cover every single way to improve your business. That is why when you get your own ideas, be sure to put them into practice.