eBay Cash! - Saving Time (Continue-1)

Automated payment collecting: automating a part of your business will not only save you time on that particular type of business. It will nearly make that part of your business disappear into thin air so you never have to worry about it again. What is automating? It means making something automatic or as many people like to call it "putting it on autopilot".

Wouldn't that be great? Just putting a part of your business on autopilot so you can be free doing what you love or focusing on parts of your business that need more of your attention? Yes it is definitely great and can be done easier than you think. How can you automate your payment collecting?

You need a system, a system that guides your customers through the payment process without your supervision. It works like this... The customer wins one of your auctions, they are than sent an email that contains payment information and ways to actually pay for the item.

What I mean by actually paying is there is a payment box right in the email where the customer fills out their name, address, way of payment and other vital information. When the customer fills out this payment box, all they have to do is click pay and follow the easy steps provided to them by your automated payment system.

That's amazing! I'm sure you don't quite feel the same way as me about it, but this system will save you a lot of time and worry about collecting payment from people. Oh and when the customer pays, the system automatically sends you an email informing you that payment was received and gives you the customers shipping information.

This system is a big time saver and many PowerSellers are using it as you read this sentence. I first ran into to this payment system when I bought beads from an established bead PowerSeller.

Here is what the email I received after winning the bidding said: