eBay Cash! - Saving Time

You probably don't realize yet how important time saving is. I have spoken to PowerSellers that work over 10 hours per day, I have also spoken to PowerSellers that work 10 hours per week and make a lot more money than those that work 10 per day. How can that be?

The sellers that work long hours and see little results are usually the ones than never bothered to work on their business. They don't realize that their business is a money making machine and the more they work on this machine tuning it, fixing it and making it better, the more money their money making machine will make them.

Saving time is not just about working less, it's about making your business efficient. If you could figure out a way to do 4 hours worth of work in two hours, that means in 4 hours you will be able to do 8 hours worth of work. The more work you can get done in the least amount of time, the more work you can do and the more work you can do the more money you will be able to make.

There are several ways to save a lot of time. I mean cut your working time on a particular part of your business by at least 25%. One of those ways actually depends on the product you decide to sell: I MPORTANT: The following information, if understood properly can lead you to great eBay wealth.

The Money Made / Transaction theory is the basic idea from which A LOT of platinum PowerSellers made their millions. Money Made / Transaction: the more money you make per transaction the less time it will take you to make the money you want to make.

It is so simple it is beautiful, and so obvious it is often overlooked. Most sellers know this, but they don't understand the significance and importance of money made/ transaction. I believe it is not enough to simply know something, you must understand what it is that you know.

And that is why I like to explain everything, it is so you understand how important and useful the information I give you really is. I t is simple, to make lots of money in a short period of time, you need to make as much profit in dollar amount as possible from every single sale (transaction) you make.

And the obvious way to do this is by selling high ticket items. Items that make you hundreds of dollars in profit per sale. If you want to make $1000, what do you think will take less time...

Selling 100 products that make you $10 in profit / sale, or 5 products that make $200 in profit / sale? I 'm sure you know the answer, but I will give another example. Lets say that it takes you 1 hour to make 1 transaction (list, accept payment, email customer, pack and ship).

Now let's say that you want to make $10,000. You can either make it by selling products that make you $50 / sale or you can sell products that make you $300 / sale. Let's compare how long it would take you to reach your goal of $10,000 if every transaction you make takes 1 hour to complete...

To reach $10,000 by selling products that makes you $50 / sale. It would take a total of 200 transactions.

And to make 200 transactions it would take you a total of 200 hours to make $10,000: $10,000 / $50 = 200 transactions, 200 transactions x 1 hour = 200 hours.

Now let's compare that to selling products that make $300 / sale: To reach $10,000 by selling products that make you $300 / sale. It would take a total of 33.3 transactions. And to make 33.3 transactions it would take you a total of 33.3 hours to make $10,000: $10,000 / $300 = 33.3 transactions, 33.3 transactions x 1 hour = 33.3 hours.

WOW, it would take you 6 times less time to make $10,000 if you sell products that make you $300 / sale instead of $50 / sale. Can you see the value in that! Can you see the value in selling products that give you the as much profit / transaction as possible?

Sure it is harder to get your hands on high ticket items, but the effort is more than worth it. I 'm sure you get the big picture now. But I just can't help myself, I must give you another example;

This is how much money you would make with $300/sale if instead of working 33.3 hours and making $10,000, you worked 200 hours: 200 hours x 1 transaction = 200 transactions, 200 transactions x $300 = $60,000.

By now I am really sure that you get the picture! This is why you must stop at nothing to get your hands on those products that give you the biggest profits per transaction. This is why it's worth the effort to find someone with the products you want to sell.

It is because the more money you make per transaction the more money you can make and the less time and effort it will take you to make it. Now I'm sure you are wondering about one or two things you have just read... Why does it take the same amount of time to sell and ship a cheap product and one that costs 6 times more?

Because expensive products are usually not bigger or harder to pack than cheap products. Would expensive watches take longer to pack and ship than cheap watches? No they would not. And the same goes for electronics. There are $60 MP3 players and there are $500 MP3 players, $15 phones and $800 phones etc.

And even if the expensive items are slightly larger, it doesn't mean they will be harder to pack and ship. Expensive products are great, but won't there be easier to sell cheap stuff? Actually that couldn't be further from the truth! Expensive products (laptops, camcorders, watches, jewelry) usually get more bids than less expensive products because there are a lot less people selling the expensive stuff.

Even though there are 100's of times more cheap stuff being sold on eBay, the expensive stuff gets more bids because there is often less products being sold than there are people looking to buy. I f you don't believe me check out http://stores.ebay.com/BECKERTIME and look at how much bids most of the items are getting!

This man truly understands the value of money made per transaction. And look, what a surprise! He is a platinum PowerSeller