eBay Cash! - Selling Overview

Now I know the last 44 pages may be a little hard to remember and may seem like a lot to do, but keep in mind that you only have to do most of the things once. You only have to get one listing design, one eBay store design, one website, one item description for each different type of product you sell, one shipping description, one payment description, one guarantee, one set of photos for each different type of product you sell etc. etc.

Once you do most of the things that need to get done you can get them out of the way. This stuff might take a couple of days or maybe even a week to set up, but once it’s set up you don't have to do it again. I f it still seems like a lot to do, remember even though there is a lot to do, every part can be done fast.

Typing up the contents of the listings (description, shipping and payment info, guarantee, contact info etc.) can be done in a couple of hours. Paypal and StormPay accounts can be opened in a half hour (combined) and will give you the ability to accept credit cards, checks and other forms of payments.

Clear photos can be taken in a couple of minutes, graphics can be ordered in a couple of minutes and a website can be built in a couple days. All in all, about 90% of everything you need to do as far as listings and selling goes can be done in one day, and the rest can be completed in a couple of days.

So if you actually think about it, you won't have to spend a ton of time setting everything up. It is all actually very easy and can be done in a matter of days. So do it! You do not have to put all of the theories in this book in to action right away. Just start listing first.

Make your descriptions and photos clear and detailed and list away. The graphics can come when you can afford them, the eBay store will come when you are allowed to get one, the website will come once you are familiar with eBay etc. Your listings don't have to look like the ones described in this book right away, but they should gradually evolve into the professional and efficient models described in this book.

By reading the last section you already know more about selling than many PowerSellers out there. If you apply even half of the information about selling you have just read, your road to eBay success will be a lot shorter than most people. Now that you have the information, apply it.