eBay Cash! - Some Good Supplier Sources

  • www.yellowpages.com Once again, try this first. Remember; a good supplier close to home is better than a great one far away. Yellow pages is what 4 out of every 10 PowerSellers I interviewed use to find suppliers.

    This is a very underrated and overlooked website, the reason you should use yellow pages is because it will find suppliers in your city (why look in India when you can get it in your city?). To use this website properly simply type in "wholesale" into the search box and you will be given a bunch of subdirectories, it's amazing how many suppliers there are right under your nose!
  • www.ec21.com Suppliers from all over the world.
  • www.exportbureau.com Another web directory, all the suppliers are legitimate businesses and a lot of them are the actual manufacturers of the products they sell.
  • www.made-in-china.com Suppliers and manufacturers from China, similar to ec21, very good.
  • www.wholesale411.com This website is not as good as the ones listed above but is still 100 times better than a wholesale list
  • http://directory.google.com/Top/Business/Wholesale_Trade/ The google directory is also a good place to find links to suppler websites
  • www.toydirectory.com Toy wholesale directory.
  • www.fleamarketguide.com/wholesal.htm Flea market guide.
  • www.topwholesalesuppliers.com Another supplier directory, not as easy to use as alibaba or ec21 but worth a look anyway.
  • www.wholesalehub.com A small directory, has links to wholesalers and drop shippers. www.4wholesaleusa.com A USA wholesale directory.
  • www.wholesalecentral.com Wholesale directory.
  • www.andale.com In case you can't decide what it is you want to sell; you can go to Andale and type your choices into their price finder tool. This tool lets you see the average selling price the item(s) you want to sell go for on eBay and tells you if the product is "HOT" or not. Andale also has a supplier search tool.

Now you have to get out there and look for suppliers until you find one. It's easy to make money on eBay but finding a supplier is one of the hardest steps. The sooner you get this out of the way the sooner you will start making money and having fun.

Finding a supplier is something you only have to do once in a great while so don't get all depressed when you are having a hard time finding the stuff you want to sell; not everything to do with eBay is frustrating. You might find a great supplier on your first day or it might take you a week.

Please don't get discouraged. Every PowerSeller had to go through this process and one PowerSeller even called the step of finding a supplier "the initiation". So go out and get "initiated"!