eBay Cash! - Stuff You Must Know

Tens of thousands of people are making a living selling on eBay. Thousands are quitting their jobs and realizing they can earn much more money selling on eBay that they could ever earn working for their boss. Some PowerSellers are selling part time and making over $10,000 per week...I said PART TIME!!

How many hours per week are you working? How much money are you making? I bet it's not ten thousand a week! So what do these big money sellers know that you don't? Keep reading. While making this book I talked to over 50 PowerSellers and had many fill out my questionnaires.

What are the most important things I learned from my research? PowerSellers are just like you and me, PowerSellers are not genius and anyone can become a PowerSeller. Most PowerSellers I talked to were not able to give me any "secrets" or "magic formulas".

When I asked the question "is it a good or bad idea to have your products drop-shipped directly from the supplier?" I had a lot of people answer "huh? What's drop-shipping?" I was amazed at how unorganized, uneducated and clueless some PowerSellers are. I was amazed because like many people interested in eBay I believed that PowerSellers were fine-tuned money making machines. Most PowerSellers are NOT fine tuned money making machines, they are regular people.

If you apply half of what you learn in this book....you will be a PowerSeller! The big secret about eBay is: there are NO SECRETS!! The truth is that after reading this book you will know more about running an eBay business than most PowerSellers.

Because most PowerSellers are just ordinary people that buy stuff and sell it, most of them don't know much about business or the internet. Success on eBay is a matter of getting things done not "secrets". You can become a PowerSeller, the sooner you start the sooner you will be. Selling on eBay is not as hard as many people think, it is extremely easy and simple...YOU CAN DO IT!

The risks are minimal, the opportunities are unlimited, there is no rent or employees to pay. eBay markets your product for you....so you don't need to worry about advertising...eBay is a beautiful thing! To make tons of money you must apply what you learn.

This book gives you more than enough information to become successful selling on eBay. But to become successful you must first apply what you learn. Once again I say to you, this book has all the information you need to get started and become successful, you do NOT need to buy any other eBay books after this...if you do buy another book or product on eBay your chances of success will be less!!

After you read this please do NOT procrastinate any longer, stop putting things off. Because while you are stalling thousands of people who barely figured out how to become a member of eBay are making money, gaining experience and learning as they go along.

It is very important for you to start at once! I can't teach you experience, I can't teach you what it feels like to have your auctions get tons of bids. You must experience those things by yourself, and besides you make money by doing not reading!!

This book will provide you with all the information you need to be successful on eBay, it will give you great tips and advice. But if you are only going to learn one or two thing from reading this book, it should be that it is very possible to become a PowerSeller, but you must get started first.

You must get started! AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Unless you take action nothing will change! Even though this book contains all the information you need to become a PowerSeller, that information is worthless unless it is applied. Action is key to your success, without action the best ideas in the world are useless.

Getting started alone will not make you rich. If you think that you will make lots of money in your first day than I'm sorry to break your heart. Nothing comes easy, but eBay is about as easy as it gets. You must have some patience, willpower, and most of all persistence.

I can guarantee that selling on eBay will be one of the simplest and easiest businesses you will ever try, but you need to stick to it. If this is just a flavor of the week for you...you will not succeed. The days are passing by and you are missing out on a lot of money.

Every single day that passes without you taking action you are losing out on thousands of dollars, you are missing out on a lot of happiness and excitement and your life is passing you by. Just how much money are you missing out on? I can't tell you the exact amount, but I can give you an example.

Here is how simple it would be for you to make $10,000 per month by selling on eBay; I f you decide to sell a product that gives you $100 in profit for every sale you make (there are a lot of products like this). You will need to sell only 3 products per day to reach almost $10,000 per month;

$100 profit x 3 sales x 30 days = $9,000

I f you sell 4 products per day: $100 profit x 4 sales x 30 days = $12,000

I sn't $12,000 a month great?

Just think of all the great things you can do with that money, think how much joy that money can bring into your life, think about how it would feel to able to afford all of the things you have dreamed about your whole life. Think of all the great thing you always wanted in life, and understand that eBay is the opportunity to make all of your dreams come true...in the near future.

NOTE: The example above is an example and is not meant to be taken as a fact. However, it is possible to make that kind of money but it all depends on you.

"If making money on eBay is a real possibility than everyone would be doing it!" You will probably hear this from some people, there will be those who try and discourage you and put you down. This is especially true of friends and family members who are afraid to take a risk and pursue their own dreams.

Or some wholesaler may not want to deal with you, you may lose some money in the process but if you stick to it you will make it! Everything that can be bought in a store can be bought through a supplier and resold for profit. The possibilities are limitless!

So don't be discouraged if no matter how well you follow the advice in this book your used underwear just won't sell. Simply move on to another product. This book provides you with plenty of information on where to get products for resale and how to get them.

And I believe that with the help of this book you can become a PowerSeller. But it isn't important what I believe because unless you feel the same way, your chances of success are slim. One other thing I want you to know is you do not need to read this book to become a PowerSeller!

Why would I say this? Because it's true, over 99% of the PowerSellers out there didn't read this book. They became PowerSellers through hard work and determination. It also took a very long time for them to learn everything they know now because they didn't have a great book like this to teach them everything they need to know.

This book is designed to make you a PowerSeller in the shortest time possible by teaching you everything you need to know to become a PowerSeller without going through a long and grueling trial and error process. This book will save you time...a lot of time. And it will teach you things that a lot of PowerSellers still don't know.

Regardless of what you are going to sell, who you are, or even where you live; you can become wealthy by selling on eBay. I know you can because I have talked to so many people that were once just like you. I have talked to people that were poor, struggling from paycheck-to-paycheck and had no hope left to live a happy life. These people are now PowerSellers and their message to you is... “eBay can change your life!”