How To Uncover Red-Hot Niches With A Simple, Step-By-Step Formula

I‘ve visited a lot of Internet Marketing forums over the last few years and the one question that comes up most often is: —How do I find a niche?“ I am always amazed to see just how many people know how to build websites, research keywords, write articles and press releases, install scripts, etc, but the biggest problem these talented, intelligent, skilled people face is how to target a niche that is profitable.

Please don‘t be distracted by the fact that I am giving this report away free. Don‘t assume that being free means having no value. I have seen ebooks priced anywhere from $47 to $97 which delivered nothing close to what I am giving you in this report for free. All I ask of you right now is that you read this report from start to finish as if you just spent $97 of your well earned money on it. Study it. Take it seriously.

While this report may seem short at first glance, you will soon find that I have left all the fluff behind to provide you with the exact steps I personally use to find hidden niche markets that are not only profitable but easy to crack into. You will find no filler content, no lengthy explanations on what niche markets are, how to optimize your site for your keywords, or even how to profit from them.

The Internet is already so flooded with free information on how to monetize a website that writing a chapter on this would be simply redundant. For those of you who are new at Internet Marketing, here are the four most popular ways to profit from a website:

  • Create and sell your own product or service
  • Sell someone else's product in return of a percentage of the sale price (called —affiliate marketing“)
  • Sell text links or banner advertisements
  • Capitalize on pay-per-click revenues such as Google's Adsense™ program

A little bit of research on any search engine will return more than enough information to keep you reading for months. As Adsense™ is currently the most passive way to make money from your websites, this report will focus on this revenue stream but once you‘ve learn how to spot red hot niches, you will see yourself flooded with ideas on how to monetize the niches you have uncovered.

When I first started to write this ebook, I thought it was going to be an easy task. But the more I wrote, the more I realized that just putting the —formula“ together will only show you how I do it, and not why. So the 15-pages report soon became a 47-page report for an important reason...

Because the why is what makes this method work.

I will take you by the hand and show you, step-by-step, how to identify profitable niche markets using a very simple and systematic elimination method. I will also be giving you a set of numbers you should look for (number of searches, number of competing sites, etc) but these numbers should, by no means, be considered —absolutes“.

What I mean, and I will repeat it throughout this report, is that there is not —one“ good mathematical formula when it comes to niche research. You will need to use your own due diligence but by knowing the why behind the how, you will have all the data you need to make informed decisions when it comes to what niches you should target.

Furthermore, I have to warn you that some of the material you will find in this report goes against what you have heard or read before. Here are some examples of what I will be discussing:

  • Why conventional —keyword tools“ should not be used to find niche markets. (Learn more about this in Chapter 5)
  • Why you don‘t need to find niches with an unusually high search count. (This is discussed in Chapter 7)
  • Why you should not focus on one website making you hundreds per day. (Read more in Chapter 15)

The Importance of the Niche Selection Process

If you are in this business to make money from your websites, whether it is from promoting affiliate programs or profiting from Adsense™ revenues, choosing a good and profitable niche topic in the underlying foundation of your site‘s monetary success or failure.

I have seen too many people putting up websites on topics they feel would be profitable and who end up getting insignificant traffic compared to the time they have spent on creating and maintaining the site.

I would be the first one to admit that when I first started to build websites for profit, I would jump on any topic that I thought to be a good money-maker but ended up making little or no money at all.

Even by submitting articles to all the biggest directories and following a properly laid-out linking strategy, the traffic to these first sites never exploded because of one mistake:

I was targeting niches for which it was nearly impossible for my sites to rank well.

You see, I quickly realized that the majority of the web surfers who ended up on my sites were using really weird search queries for which I did not optimize my pages. Even though I carefully chose topics that were popular, only a small fraction of the potential visitors were finding my sites. You know the rest of the story…

Low Traffic = Low Revenue

You see, everyone makes the same mistakes. Everyone focuses on the web sites, the scripts, the press releases, and all that stuff that is endlessly talked about in marketing forums; yet it‘s this very first step, which costs absolutely nothing but a little bit of time, which can end up costing you a hell of a lot when you invest all that time and money into web sites that will not give you a return.

I just cannot stress enough the importance of carefully choosing a good niche topic to base your site on BEFORE you even start working on it... unless you are planning to create your website for the fun of it.