Keywords Search Counts : The Facts

You now have a list of 100 key phrases that are all potential niches as we already know they meet the High Demand requirement of a hot niche market: Overture already told us so!

Since I have often heard people say things like —Your main keyword should have at least 100,000 searches per month to make it worthwhile“, I thought I needed to add my own comments on this.

This chapter is probably going to be longest one of this report but I really want you to forget what you have been told about the number of searches as it does not matter. Of course, a key phrase with a few hundred searches per month will probably not be worth it, but if you follow the steps outlined in this report, the niches you will find will have enough searches to make them profitable.

You see, people often focus on the number of searches per month to determine if it‘s a good niche to enter. They try and find markets where there are 100,000 or 300,000, or more searches per month.

When I first started my niche-finding —career“, I would spend hours daydreaming about how much money I could make if I created a site on a highly popular niche. I knew a big term such as —dog“ wasn‘t a good one to target so I used Overture to find sub-niches. I would then choose one of the results that I felt was good, dug out my calculator and did some math. My calculations looked something like this:

Let‘s say I create a site on —dog training“ (a term that has 100,000 searches per month, according to Overture). If I could get only 10% of these people to my site, that would mean 10,000 visitors per month. If only 10% of these visitors (1,000) clicked on an ad that would pay me $0.25 per click, I would be making an easy $250 from this site each and every month. Oh! I used pretty conservative numbers so I would probably make much more than $250 per month!“

I believed that if I worked harder than the average webmaster and did what was needed to get my site on the top of the search results, I would be making a nice passive income from that one site. Then I would create a few more sites on some highly popular keywords and build a nice passive income stream for myself.

That sounded like a good plan to me.

I quickly found out that in the real world, it is hard to outrank the top ranking sites for such a popular keyword as —dog training“ (and keep your high rankings). It is pretty hard to get a site on the top 10 when there are 16,000,000 results for this search term.

In fact, it was very hard and time consuming… as in not as passive as I thought.

So I started experimenting with smaller, less popular markets. I wrote down all the steps I used, for each of the niches I was entering, and compared my notes until I found the combination that worked best.

I now have a small collection of websites that earn me a nice passive income and many of them were built around niches that have less than 20,000 searches per month on Overture. Those small websites don‘t have thousands of visitors per month, but every single one make me more money than my old dog training site.

By now, you probably are a little skeptical about what I just told you. You may be thinking: —How can a site with only 20,000 searches per month bring me enough traffic so that I can convert it into money?“

The answer is simple: each of these sites meets the 3 essential requirements of a red-hot niche market. We already took care of the first one (High Demand) so we‘ll need to work our numbers until requirements 2 and 3 are met, too.

Now get prepared, as more work is on the way…