List Bandit Expert

What is List Bandit?

List Bandit is a list building matrix that allows you to grow a large network of people you can send email promotions to. In essence, you refer people to the program, and once they join they will be in your mailing down line. Also, anyone these people refer will be in your mailing down line, or personal matrix. With a little effort, you can create a list of many, many people who agree to receive your ads via email.

List Bandit is an excellent way to get your list started. A lot of things go into a successful list building strategy, but this program will help you get the ball rolling very nicely.

In addition to being able to email people in your personal matrix, you will have the opportunity to send your ads to people outside of your down line through something called the ‘Bandit Bonus’. This is a random system that allows each active member to send to an extra allotment of prospects every day.

You also get the chance to have your ad shown for your co-registration offer and their down line builder. More on these strong and unique features later. Of course anyone you personally refer might well be someone who already knows you, and has some type of relationship with you. But most of the prospects you are able to contact as a result of the Bandit Bonus will not know you from Adam.

Why does this matter? Because it means at least a portion of the people you email through List Bandit will be cold market prospects, or people who don’t know anything about you.

Trying to sell to a cold list is almost always an exercise in frustration. Beating your head against the wall is only slightly less painful.

To quote Jeffrey Gitomer in “The Sales Bible” - “All things being equal, people want to do business with their friends. And all things being NOT so equal people STILL want to do business with their friends.”

Most of the people you will reach through the Bandit Bonus will have no idea who you are. They will have no reason to trust you or want to do business with you.

This is a huge liability but can be easily overcome. Offer help for them. People will start to trust those that help them and very quickly start to rely on them for recommendations and information.

Give them something of value for joining your list. Now you will have the opportunity to create the relationship where they do trust you and will love to do business with you. No longer are you a peddler selling them something but a friend and helper making recommendations. Use List Bandit this way and you will build the strong relationships necessary to create ongoing customers.

Mechanics of List Bandit

One of the neat things about List Bandit is the dual way you can mail.

Now like most list building matrixes you can email your down line. You have seen these and their front page shows a good example of the ‘you refer three and they refer three’ etc. The problem with this structure of course is that it takes time to build your down line.

With List Bandit, there is a second matrix that remolds every day. Here even though you have just joined and only referred a few people you can have the potential to mail even more because in that matrix your position is random. Some weeks you may be up high, some weeks not so high. All of the people you can reach via the second matrix are in addition to those prospects within your direct down line.

So it’s fair to say that you could reach far more prospects per week with this system than you could with standard mailing list builders.

What are co-registrations?

One of the unique features of List Bandit is the co-registration offer made when people log in. This allows you a chance to put your ad for YOUR list in front of the people in your down line.

Unlike purchased leads these people have an interest in what you are offering and have made a conscious decision to join. Compare that to the average purchased lead who signed up to win something and checked a box that they were interested in a home business and are now being bombarded by numerous people who have purchased these leads.

Why You Should Upgrade

Upgrading offers some extra benefits. Here are the five primary advantages of an upgraded membership:

  1. As an upgraded member, you may email more levels (see chart below for details). These additional levels will apply both to your personal matrix and your “Bandit Bonus” matrix. As a free member you may only email a maximum of 5 levels providing you have grown your down line that big.
  2. Greater mailing frequency. Upgraded members can mail more often, whereas free members can only mail once a week.
  3. Upgrading will add extra prospects to the list of people you can mail to each week. The best part of this is that these are random members that change each week. So if you have upgraded to diamond member then you get an extra 1000 members each week but that may be a different 1000 members from one week to the next.
  4. Your co-registration ad is shown across the membership instead of just to your down line. This allows you to expose your mailing list to more people.
  5. You can import your down line and bonus members directly into YOUR autoresponder. This allows you to skip the free offer step and start to use your list to generate cash when done correctly. More on that technique later.

Below is a chart that shows the advantages of the various upgrades. It is current as of the time of publication but may be subject to change. Please look in the members area to be sure of the current advantages.

As a diamond member you can mail 3 times a week to both your matrix, your “Bandit Bonus” matrix and an additional 1000 members. If you take advantage of the one-time offer when joining you can get the diamond membership for a full year for less that the cost of two months at a later time.

When you upgrade, you will also earn commissions on an ongoing basis from the upgraded members that you refer.

Using the Member Mailer

Each week you may mail both your personal matrix and your Lucky matrix a specific number of times, in accordance with your membership level. It is quite easy to use the mailer.

Log in, click the mail options button on the top bar and you will see a form to fill in that looks like this. Fill in your headline, then fill in your message and click send my email.

A couple of quick tips for composing your message

  • Use note pad or something similar to create the message and copy it in. You don’t get a second chance once you click the send button.
  • Format your message to be 50-55 characters wide. It gives a more professional look if you have taken the time to format your message.
  • Have a clear call for action. Don’t let there be any question about the action you are requesting. If you don’t ask you don’t get. Only ask for one specific action. Offering three, four or more choices will just confuse the reader and you will get no action at all.
  • Put in full contact information in your message. Remember, you are trying to create a relationship with this person. Just using contact information shows you that you are a real person with a real name and address not some anonymous user name.

Remember that you should use List Bandit to collect opt-in subscribers for your own mailing list. This means all of the promotions you send to your matrices need to invite a reader to some type of squeeze page or lead capture page. The exception will be if you have upgraded and are sending your members directly to your autoresponder.

If you have upgraded and are already receiving the email address you can use this in a different way. You still need to make your offer a free offer and not try to sell them directly.

The best way to do this to promote a site that offers something free and then when they join they are exposed to a one time offer that will pay you a commission if they take it. This allow you to offer something free of value but at the same time make money on the back end.

For more information on what to promote please check out my Squidoo Lens at The second way is to use programs that allow you to give away a free report that cookies the member on the back end if they buy from it but adds them directly to your list through your opt in form.

One other big tip when doing your mailings is to use redirect links as the click through will be much better from a redirect link then the average affiliate link. Doing this will also allow you to brand yourself whilst promoting other peoples products / services and make you appear as an authority figure.

Once you are using these techniques to add to your list you will need to build the relationship. This is the key feature in your business model.

Building The Relationship

Now lets get down to what makes the difference between profitable email promotions and email marketing that plain doesn’t work; Building the relationship.


The first thing you will need is a top-notch autoresponder. I strongly recommend Email Aces for a few reasons.

Deliverability – Getting your email actually delivered is extremely important. Email Aces knows who to talk to to keep your email being delivered. The average site based auto responder or free auto responder gets less than 50% delivered after being used for 6 months or more. Unless you know the people to talk to at AOL, Yahoo, MSN, etc. and exactly what their rules are and do it full time you just can't compete. Email Aces keeps their delivery rate up for you. How important is email deliverability? Just consider this one example.

You send out an email that gets a 1% conversion to your list of 500. Each sale makes you $20. You would expect to make $100 if all of your mail gets delivered. If you only get half of your mail delivered because the server you are on is blacklisted then you will only make 2 or 3 sales instead of 5. That would cause you to lose $40 to $60 on just that one mailing from a list of only 500. What will it cost you as you build your list to 10,000 or more? The potential losses from a bad delivery percentage are far greater than the nominal cost of a good autoresponder.

Using the Down Line Builder

You also get the chance to build your down lines in a variety of other programs just by referring people to List Bandit. If someone joins and they do not already belong to the programs listed there they are prompted to join and use YOUR referral id to do so. Not only do you gain down line here but in a variety of first rate programs all from the same effort.

The programs include

Maximizing your use of Your List Bandit

In order to get the best possible results with List Bandit, you will need a winning headline that gets your email opened in the first place, a good piece of ad copy that compels a reader to take action on your offer and click over to your squeeze page, and a well-designed squeeze page to close the deal.

You will need to first create a headline that can’t be ignored. No matter how good your ad is it won’t work unless you can get your email opened. To find the best headline possible, you will need to try different headlines and test the results. One easy way to test your headlines is with a quality tracking service like Track That Ad.

With the Track That Ad system, you can see how many people are clicking the links in your ad. This will give you a basis for your testing, as you could include a separate tracking link with each new headline and compare click throughs.

I recommend testing 3 headlines at first.

You can also send prospects to three different landing pages that appear identical but have different tracking codes in the sign up forms (Email Aces allows you to set tracking codes in your forms to see which pages your opt-ins are coming from). This will allow you to see not only how many people clicked the link but how many people signed up from each email.

Test these headlines for two weeks and you should see a clear winner.

Next you will want to test your ad copy. The third week you will start sending with the same headline but a different ad for your offer. Again, you should run 3 separate pieces of ad copy and compare your results. After two weeks you will know which ad is pulling best. Next test your landing page. You have an ad that works, with a headline that works so each mailing send to a different landing page.

If you are a diamond member and can mail three times a week, and can thoroughly test your headlines, ad copy, and landing pages in a much shorter time frame.

After just three sends or one week if you are a diamond member you will know which landing page works best. By running the simple tests above, you can tweak your entire system to get the best possible results. Start all over with two additional headlines and again test each piece. This way you are constantly improving your results.

Over a two to three month period you can improve your response tremendously. This is something you should be doing in all parts of your promotions, and not just with List Bandit.

Every successful marketer uses a system to track and test all of their campaigns. If you aren’t using a tracking service like Track That Ad, you are losing money because you don’t have a clear idea of what is working and what is not.

Promoting List Bandit

Finally the last piece of the puzzle to making List Bandit work is to promote it. The bigger your down line the more people that you can email to on a regular basis, and the more people you can bring over to your personal list.

There are many effective ways to promote your List Bandit referral link.

Start with your signature in various forums. Two of my favorites are Net Marketing Forum and Conquer Your Niche forum.

Take advantage of the promotion tools that are provided and add one of the solo ads to your auto responder series. Don't forget to use the abandoned real estate in your web site like 404 pages and your thank you pages. You will be amazed at how much it can add by using ignored space.

Don't forget the easy things too like adding a banner to your web site or blog. There are a variety of sizes and if you use a blog and it is active little sidebar banners do work well.

Other Promotional Resources

Affiliate Funnel is a down line builder that will give you a variety of traffic generation tools, build your down lines in them and allow you to promote your programs like List Bandit all in one place. This will give you more resources to build your down line for List Bandit.

Mini site Secrets will give you free videos on creating a mini site to start to sell your own products. Once you have built your list your next step will be a product to recommend to them and with your own product you get to keep 100% of the profit.

Finally, 17 Basic Training Videos for New Marketers. These may be free and say they are for new marketers but after viewing them James should be charging for them and even experienced marketers will discover new tips within them.