The Multiplication Factor

The niche finding method I just showed you will have you uncover hundreds if not thousands of smaller markets that are still waiting to be tapped into.

You will occasionally stumble on a niche that will bring in quite a lot of Adsense™ revenues but as you are targeting smaller niches, your best bet is to focus on creating a series of sites and aim at having each return you $10, $15, $20, $30 or more per day.

You should multiply and diversify your niche sites as one niche could very well dry up tomorrow when a fierce competitor grabs the top positions for your main keyword. If that should happen, you would only be losing a $10 per day income instead of a $100 one.

But don‘t worry; once you get it going, you will see how everything could all add up very fast. It is far simpler, and quicker, to build a $10 a day income site than it is a $50 a day income site; and then all you have to do is build another four!

Some people make it seem easy to make $10 per day with Adsense™, but I can tell you it‘s not. Well, it‘s not if you just build a site on a topic you like, put up some ads and expect to make hundreds of dollars per month. Of course, there are the occasional home runners but I can assure you that most people are very happy to make a dollar or two per day.

If you do your research properly, by using the elimination system I just showed you, you will do better than 90% of the other people who are still trying to compete in overcrowded markets and you will never again settle for a buck or two a day.

Here‘s an example of how I applied the filters discussed in this report to create a very small website that consistently earns me over $500 per month. I hope this short story will give you the motivation you need to forget all the —high search count“ and —must rank high in Google“ myths going around.

One of my niche site was built around a key phrase that has only 8,000 searches per month according to Overture. Most people would say that number of searches was very low indeed, and many people wouldn‘t even bother with it and would dismiss it at the research stage based on the numbers alone. This niche site has a top-10 position for my main key phrase in Yahoo, where 80% of my visitors currently come from.

Thanks to my good ranking in Yahoo, people are linking to my site (thank you all page-generator users!) and my Google ranking is slowly getting better oe when my site reaches the first page of results in Google, I expect my income to more than double…

Now, as small as the niche may seem, I currently make around $20 per day with that site. Here‘s why:

First, my site ranks well in all 3 search engines for its main keyword. Competition is very LOW in all 3 engines (under 300,000 in Google).

Second, before creating a site on this niche, I made sure that there were a lot of advertisers (number of Google ads > 25)

Third, I also made sure of the Adwords™ bids (broad match is over $5 per click )

You see, I may only get about 100 to 200 visitors per day to that site, but the fact that the competition is so low makes my site look like an authority site on that niche.

I provide useful content in the form of articles and reviews, so the visitors are more inclined to click on my links… and my ads.

End of the little story.

So what you have to remember, as you continue to work on your niche finding skills, is that it‘s not all about magic numbers; rather, it is about understanding the relationships between these numbers and making an assessment based on that understanding. Again, there is no —right“ combination when researching niches since it all depends on the market.

I do hope that using this method will prove to you that finding a niche is the most important in a series of steps. It‘s the foundation on which all the others in your business will rest.