Nokia Lifeblog

What is Nokia Lifeblog Nokia Lifeblog drives the creation of mobile multimedia by offering the best environment to enjoy it - the fusion of a private diary and a weblog. Nokia Lifeblog automatically organizes your memories and conversational content - photos, videos, text messages, multimedia messages, and notes into a chronology that you can easily browse, search, and share.

Nokia Lifeblog stretches over three platforms. With Nokia Lifeblog on your mobile phone, you can browse all your memories regardless of the content type on a single timeline. With Nokia Lifeblog on your PC, you can store and enjoy a lifetime of mobile memories on a longer timeline. You can easily publish your favourite moments on a compatible weblog - triggered from either the mobile or the PC.

Nokia Lifeblog
Figure 1. Nokia Lifeblog - Your multimedia diary

How Nokia Lifeblog works

Nokia Lifeblog is a mobile phone and PC software combination that automatically keeps a diary of the multimedia items collected with the phone. Nokia Lifeblog provides the richest sharing experience. You can share from Nokia Lifeblog using Bluetooth, e-mail, and multimedia messaging or post items to a compatible weblog.

Nokia Lifeblog on Series 60 smartphones collects a timeline of pictures, videos, and text messages without any effort. Nokia Lifeblog is currently compatible with Nokia 3230, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6682 and Nokia 7610 phones as well as with Nokia Nseries devices: Nokia N70 multimedia, Nokia N90 multimedia and Nokia N91 multimedia.

Nokia Lifeblog
Figure 2. Nokia Lifeblog is part of the unique offering of all Nokia Nseries devices.

You can use the software on your phone to browse and organize your mobile content. Installing the software on Windows PC enables you to store the content on the PC, free up memory space on your phone, browse your content on a bigger screen and more easily create longer text posts to a blog. The PC and mobile software work independently, but are complementary to each other.

Nokia Lifeblog
Figure 3. Nokia Lifeblog is easy to use on mobile phones and PC’s

Synchronizing Nokia Lifeblog on mobile and on PC is simple. Items are transferred from the phone to Nokia Lifeblog on PC. Multiple media types give more flexibility to create stories from personal content, leading to bigger entities to be shared.

Blogging is one of the most dynamic areas in content sharing today, allowing people able to publish content on the web without any technical expertise. Nokia Lifeblog provides the mobile blogging experience, enabling the sharing of a user’s personal content online from a PC or straight from the phone.

The latest estimation on the total blog population is over 30 million hosted blogs, and this is predicted to double by the end of 2005 (Source:


A blog, a short form for weblog, is a personal journal, which can consist of text, images, and other multimedia that is frequently updated and intended for the general public or for private audiences. Bloggers are of all ages, but blogs are particularly popular amongst younger female audiences.

The motivation to blog is varied, from wishing to be in the spotlight to sharing memories with family members. Mobile Blogging, also called moblogging, is the act of posting text and photos to a weblog from a mobile device. The reading of weblogs via mobile devices is also gaining popularity.

Nokia Lifeblog
Figure 4. Nokia Lifeblog is an appealing, optimized, and usable way to post to blogs

Nokia Lifeblog’s interface enables easy set up for formatting of the posts and also remembers where to post safely, so no sending to wrong address. The content size is unlimited and the metadata can be included in the post, offering also a flexible method for adding metadata.

Nokia has been working with one of the biggest weblog providers, Six Apart, who provides the TypePad service, on the development and testing of mobile blogging from the Nokia Lifeblog. With the addition of LiveJournal to the list of Nokia Lifeblog compatible services, Nokia Lifeblog is now part of one of the largest online journal communities.

Benefits of Nokia Lifeblog


Nokia Lifeblog provides a simple method of capturing your daily experiences and unforgettable moments, like a child’s birth or a friend’s wedding and storing them all in one place. The memories you want to share can be easily posted to the web. The blogs can be accessed by the family, friends and colleagues via a password-protected area, or can be available for general access. These options can be selected when setting up online account.

Mobile Operators

Moblogging is a compelling new application for operators to offer their customers, and it will further drive data traffic and increase ARPU. There is also revenue potential in hosting moblogs. Moblogging encourages customers to use the advanced functions of their handsets such as the camera and video recorder.

Mobile blogging providers

Blogs are unique modes of communications. Nokia has been working on the development of the ATOM standard to enable more blogging service providers such as SixApart to offer mobile blogging with the Nokia Lifeblog.

Nokia Lifeblog
Figure 5. Record Life - Enjoy Life- Share Life - with Nokia Lifeblog

The key Nokia Lifeblog players

Nokia – Nokia’s prime focus is to connect people using mobile communications. Nokia developed blogging clients for advanced smart phones to enable people to capture and share those precious moments, to provide conversational content and memories that fit into the pocket - and can be viewed by friends, family and colleagues.

Nokia believes that the more you have, the more you share. Advanced smartphones with blogging clients grow the amount of shareable content. Mobile and PC blogging complement each other, with proper integration driving more usage than mobile or PC alone. Six Apart –Six Apart is the largest blogging service provider.

Nokia Lifeblog is compatible with Six Apart’s online services LiveJournal and TypePad. LiveJournal is one of the leading online journal communities, and is expected to have 7 million users by the end of May. TypePad is among the largest hosted web publishing platforms. For more information, go to